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Standard School Attire 2015-2016

What is standard school attire?
Students are dressed in a similar fashion, not necessarily the same exact clothes.

What will it do for our students?
The standard attire requirement will enable students to model appropriate dress that reflects a positive appearance, which will assist in the development of positive character and sense of pride. Additionally, our students feed into Smitha Middle School where students participate in standard school attire.

What does research suggest?
Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between student attire, confidence, achievement, and behavior.

Stakeholder Survey Results:
Yes: 238     Possibly: 32     No: 32

Spirit Dress Days:
Hollydale Spirit Days on Fridays - PTSA will sell Hollydale T-shirts that may be worn on Fridays with jeans, shorts, or pants, or with standard school attire pants, skirts, or shorts.

Standard Dress Attire Options for boys and girls: