Kemp Elementary School

Shea Thomas, Principal

Billy Pritz, Asst. Principal  |  Cissi Kale, Asst. Principal

865 Corner Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Phone: 678-594-8158
FAX: 678-594-8160

Kemp School Council

The Kemp Elementary School Council's goal is to bring the Kemp community and Kemp Elementary School closer together to work on student achievement and school improvement.

The Kemp School Council will focus on (but not limited to):

  • School curriculum:  The school council will make the school curriculum information easily accessible to parents.

  • Community Issues:  Parents/business members present real life issues in the Kemp community that may impact the relationship of Kemp community and Kemp.  For example, redistricting, families in need, mentoring for students.

Minutes from School Council Meetings:


School Council Members:School Council Members:

1.    Shea Thomas, Principal

2.    Jordan Cameron , Parent

3.    Jennifer Mascheri, Teacher

4.    Ivy Collins, Parent

5.    Valerie Testman, Parent

6.    Laura Fiedler, Assistant Principal

7.    Cissi Kale , Assistant Principal

8.    Julie Schultz, Teacher

9.    Danielle Smith,  Parent

10. Yvette Moorehead, Parent