Kennesaw Elementary School

James Brett Ward, Principal

Katrina Shirley, Assistant Principal | Courtney Kelly, School Leadership Intern

3155 Jiles Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: 678-594-8172
Fax: 678-594-8174

Faculty & Staff


James Brett Ward, Principal - Email
Katrina Shirley, Asst. Principal - Email
Courtney Kelly, School Leadership Intern - Email
Tyler Bailey, Student Services Administrator - Email

Front Office

Tanecia Isom-Vance, Secretary - Email
Alexandria Storey, Bookkeeper - Email
Jennifer Martinez- CSIS Clerk
Janice Ruff - Clerk- Email



Janelle Koziara, School Nurse - Email


Academic Support

Shannon Chambers, Counselor - Email | Blog
Temi Dubre, ESOL - Email | Blog
Dr. Valerie King, ALP- Email | Blog
Michelle Mullinax, Instructional Support Specialist - Email
Jenifer Norris, Counselor - Email | Blog
Exie Palfrey, ESOL - Email | Blog
Claire Tynes, Speech - Email
Lori Wills, SLP - Email
Bennie Wilkerson, Social Worker - Email


Interrelated Specialists

Charlene Carden, Focus, Email
Courtney Petit-Compere, IRR - Email
Jessica DeMarco, IRR - Email
Emily Dunn, IRR - Email
Nakasha Kimble, AU- Email | Blog
Rosemary Madden, IRR - Email
Megan Micklow, AU- Email
Cleopatra Tucker , IRR - Email
Meredith Williams, Focus, Email



Kerry Roderick-Bush, Brisbane
Lisa Carmean, Rogers
Melanie Chastain, Bailey-Carter
Kathy Cowell, Smith
Cam Daniel, Media
Cheryl Dean, SNP (Machen)
Anne Edge, SNP (McLemore)
Cynthia Giles, Wilcox
Annie Goodman, Houze
Lukus Griffin, AU
Devin Jones, Micklow
Teresa Kehler, Porter
Chris Kulat, IRR
Kelly McKoon, Machen
Olateju Sanusi, IRR (FOCUS)
Amy Skaggs, Weaver
Nina Smith,  PE
Jodi Townsend, Fish
Sara Wilcox, McLemore
Cindy Woodburry, Lyall



Food Services

Debbie Rose, Manager - Email
Arige Atallia
Sherri Banks
Cheryl Finch
Stephanie Weekley


Cafe Monitors

Suzanne Brower
Natalia Sidirova
Kristi Vinson



Richard Redmond, Head - Email
Derek Greene
Marie Pierre
Lavie St. Fleur

Kindergarten Grade

Grade Level Blog
Valerie Bertel - Email
Ni'Ger Brisbane - Email
Sarah Fish - Email
Jennifer Houze - Email
Alyssa Lyall - Email
Jessica Porter - Email
Beth Rogers - Email
Sue Weaver - Email
Helen Wilcox - Email


First Grade

Ashley Cravens - Email | Blog
Hailey Erck, IRR- Email
Andrea Fenstermaker - Email | Blog
Angie Furr - Email | Blog
Donna Grecko - Email | Blog
April Hansen - Email | Blog
Helga Kulkarni - Email | Blog
Sandra Riedesel- Email | Blog
Brittany Rigdon - Email | Blog
Emily Underwood - Email | Blog

Second Grade

Grade Level Blog
Shannon Albright - Email
Amy Daugherty - Email
Michele Dunn - Email
Letilia Forde - Email
Nekita Hardwick - Email
Shawna Harris - Email
Angela Sisk - Email
Nicole Smith - Email
Kacee Zimmerman- Email


Special Needs Preschool

Dawn Bailey-Carter - Email
Cristine Machen - Email
Renea McLeMore - Email

County Specialists

Melissa Best, OT - Email
Tammy Davis, OT -Email
Joy Gaines, TTIS - Email
Beth Holden, Diagnostician - Email
Richard McCauley, Tech Support - Email
Tara Segassie, Psychologist - Email
Bennie Wilkerson, Social Worker - Email



Emily Adams, PE - Email | Blog
Beth Finnegan, Media Specialist - Email | Blog
Christina Jones, Art - Email | Blog
Cherrie Mooney, Innovative Reading and Technology Lab - Email | Blog
Catherine White, Music - Email | Blog



Tanecia Isom-Vance, Co-Director - Email
Alexandria Storey, Co-Director - Email
Karen Scarborough, Reach for the Stars Director - Email

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