Kennesaw Mountain High School HS

Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit, Principal

Don Baker, AP/AD | Lexie Bultman, AP | Kelly Ingle, AP | Darlene Mitchell, AP
Brandon Morris, SLI | William Richardson, AP | Nathan Stark, AP

1898 Kennesaw Due West Road
Kennesaw, GA 30152
PHONE (678) 594-8190
FAX (678) 594-8192

2018 Best Public High Schools in Georgia

niche KMHS #12
KMHS #12

A Message from Our Principal

Family. Whether you grew up watching Happy Days, George Lopez, Seventh Heaven, or most recently Modern Family, this concept never changes. Family is defined as, “…a social group whose principle function is provision for its members.” With this in mind, I would like to welcome all to the Kennesaw Mountain Family. From my first interactions with students, staff and parents, I have felt accepted and have been embraced as one of Kennesaw Mountain’s own. I extend this same greeting to those who are new to Kennesaw Mountain, to those who presently call Kennesaw Mountain home, and to those who have already passed through Kennesaw Mountain in their academic pursuits. Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang!

If indeed the major function of a family is “…provision for its members…”, I would like to issue a series of challenges to all Kennesaw Mountain stakeholders to remain true to this characterization.

I challenge the Kennesaw Mountain administration to provide any and all necessary resources to allow our students the ability to achieve both in the classroom and in the community.

I challenge the Kennesaw Mountain staff to continue to hone their teaching skills so instruction may be delivered to learners effectively, efficiently and precisely.

I challenge the Kennesaw Mountain parents to continue to provide the necessary support for our children; academic support, financial support, and most importantly, emotional support.

Finally, I challenge the Kennesaw Mountain students to always put forth their best efforts with their school work; when they are tired, hungry, stressed, and all the other circumstances they will face as high school learners. This will be no easy task!

When the Kennesaw Mountain community pulls together, the sky is the limit for our kids!

I would like to thank those in the Kennesaw Mountain Family who have put their trust and confidence in me to guide their children through the next years of their lives. It is an awesome responsibility and I pledge to provide your children the best education possible which will prepare them for the rigors of post high school and beyond.

Mark Trachtenbroit

Kennesaw Mountain High School STEM Program

STEM image
April 27, 2017-State Superintendent RichardWoods along with CCSD Superintendent Chris Ragsdale officially recognize KMHS as STEM certified by the state of Georgia.
Kennesaw Mountain High School is proud to join the cadre of STEM Certified schools around the world. AdvanceEd STEM certification has been awarded to the Mustangs by the AdvanceEd accreditation body.

STEM Georgia
AdvancedEd STEM


State School Superintendent Richard Woods names Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Schools. Kennesaw Mountain receives the following AP Honor designations:

AP STEM School
AP Merit School
AP STEM Achievement School
AP Humanities School

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Postitive Athlete Georgia

April 11, 2018- KMHS is proud to announce the distinction of being named the Most Positive School in Cobb County for the second consecutive year by Positive Athlete Georgia.
Greatest Gains Greatest
Gains Award

3-year Average CCRPI Progress Score

Silver Designation
Top 5% (of state)
Highest Performing Highest Performing Award
3-year Average CCRPI Progress Score

Bronze Designation
Top 7% in state overall achievement

Asbestos Management Plan - Annual Notification

This letter is to advise you that this School Facility has in accordance with the mandated requirements of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) prepared an Inspection Report and Management Plan. The Purpose of the Inspection Report and Management Plan is for detecting, controlling, and informing the public of any asbestos containing materials that may exist in this School Facility. In the event that a building addition, renovation or response action is required at this facility, the Inspection Report and Management Plan will be revised accordingly.

This will advise you that a copy of the Inspection Report and Management Plan for this Facility is available for public review in the Administrative Offices of the Facility during normal working hours. Copies are available, upon writing request, only in completed sets at twenty-five (25) cents per sheet.