Vision Quest

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About Vision Quest
What KMHS Vision Quest Needs
KMHS Vision Quest Goals

About Vision Quest

Kennesaw Mountain has embarked upon a commitment to bring academic excellence to the forefront. We are building an educational climate that believes every child can learn if he "Believes and Achieves" in himself. This is not just another educational program. It is a Renaissance - a revival in the way students, staff, parents, businesses, and the community-at-large perceive and approach education. This Renaissance at Kennesaw Mountain will be named Vision Quest. Vision Quest is based upon three power principles: performance, promotion, and partnerships.

We continue to set academic standards for our students, and we are committed to finding new ways to recognize continuous improvement in academic achievement and behavior. Students who improve and excel will receive recognition and privileges such as free admission to athletic events, homework exemptions, T-shirts, or discounts from local businesses. Faculty members will be recognized for their efforts in excellence in various professional incentives. Custodial staff, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers will also be recognized for their contributions to excellence. We believe in the whole educational school climate and will devise incentives that result in an atmosphere that celebrates academic excellence.

We believe active promotion and high visibility to be the keys to success in building school recognition, student motivation, and community pride. Internally, we promote Vision Quest through student handbooks, the school newspaper, special showcases, plaques, and banners. Externally, look for our marquee to spotlight business partners, special articles to appear in the paper, and as presentations to local business groups.

Working together as a team, the entire community can create a solid base of support and leadership. Local businesses can contribute to the program in a variety of ways from discounts on goods and services that achieve designated academic goals to in-kind contributions of advice, mentoring, and professional services. One concept we are excited about is pairing business partners to specific departments in the school, i.e. math, science, marketing, etc.

Our new logo and motto - "Believe and Achieve" reflects our commitment to academic excellence. Whether we are recognizing the 4.0+ student or the student who raises his GPA from 1.5 to 2.0, we want Kennesaw Mountain to promote excellence and generating a "can do" spirit in everyone, a spirit that will make this community thrive in academic success.


What KMHS Vision Quest Needs

The following are just a few of the ways you can help promote excellence. Please look over the list and e-mail Mr. Billy Richardson, the program coordinator, if you can assist in our commitment to excellence:

  • Tax-deductible cash donation to Kennesaw Mountain High School Foundation, Inc.

  • Partner a specific department:

Science Social Studies English
Fine Arts Physical Ed. Business Ed.
Special Ed. Foreign Language Health Occupations
Marketing Mathematics Auto Mechanics
Drafting Graphic Arts Building Construction
Academy of Travel Academy of Finance Academy of Information
Magnet School PRIDE Program
  • Be a Partner-at-Large

  • Sponsor T-shirts for student academic awards (your logo on sleeve)

  • Provide tangible incentives for honor card holders

  • Provide tangible incentives for honored teachers and staff

  • Assist with motivational speakers

  • Assist with student leadership training


KMHS Vision Quest Goals

Below are the Vision Quest Goals:

  1. Promote student academic achievement

  2. Recognize and reward excellence in faculty, staff, parents, and businesses

  3. Develop an academic-performance based award system for students

  4. Develop a performance award system for faculty and staff

  5. Provide tangible, recognizable, and coveted reward incentives

  6. Promote these changes through community partnerships