The Mountain Top Cafe
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The student created Mountain Top Café is a coffee shop operated by the exceptional education students at Kennesaw Mountain High School to provide rigorous and relevant workplace skills.

The Mountain Top Café sells cappuccino, coffee and other hot beverages to faculty, staff, and students of Kennesaw Mountain High School. The special education students operate the coffee shop daily between 8:00am and 10:00am. The Mountain Top Café also offers a delivery service.

A teacher may order for themselves or their students, and the Mountain Top Café “employee” will make the delivery to their classroom.

Stephanie Barber and Kelly Bramblett, teachers of intellectually disabled students created The Mountain Top Café in order to prepare stdents to participate in the real world. “We must give them the opportunity to function in a real world setting.” These teachers have created a scenario where their students interact with “real” money and “real” customers. Because intellectually disabled students have difficulty transferring skills learned in the classroom to vocational settings, it is necessary to provide ample opportunity to practice job skills in a real work place. The coffee shop idea was born to instill in students’ life skills, such as social skills, communication, money skills, and vocational skills. This program provides an avenue for those students not planning on attending college.

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