Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, 2017

All Cobb County Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, for both students and staff, due to continued power outages at multiple schools and poor travel conditions on secondary roads in the northern part of the county.


Educational Support Department

Alisha Green Wyche and Ellen Simonds,
 Department Co-Chairpersons


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Teacher Courses Email
Deborah Bono Interrelated Educational Support
Elilzabeth Brink Deaf Education
Teresa Clackum
Michael Clark Interrelated Educational Support
Donna Davis Deaf Education
Rosemarie Dell'Orto Current Topics
American Lit'
Jenna Devine Speech
Maria Entsminger Deaf Education
Corey Goldstein Transition Academy
Alisha Green Wyche Interrelated Educational Support
Renae Gunter Deaf Education
Erin Hamilton Deaf Education
Vicki Hendricks Interrelated Educational Support
Abbey Jackson Deaf Education
Angela Lack
Allison Martin Deaf Education
Jennifer Moore Transition Academy
Phillip Nasworthy
Pat Reeser
Wendy Ross Deaf Education
Tracy Rudder Deaf Education
Letitia Searles
Sylvia Sharron Speech
Ellen Simonds Interrelated Educational Support
Carlo Singleton
Dennis Stanley
Wendy Sullivan
Daniel Sweeney Deaf Education
Stacy Tuttle Deaf Education
Tracy Washington Interrelated Educational Support
Kevin Williams Interrelated Educational Support
Karenca Williamson Interrelated Educational Support
Wayne Wollaston Interrelated Educational Support
Nataly Womack-Butts Deaf Education



Parapro Email
Jeffrey Bonner
Terri Foschini
Prarthana Mally
Becky Muller
Rhonda Oliver
Kevin Pena
Julie Sharpe
Audra Skalski
Angela Stephens
Marisa Ware
Melonie Whittemore