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Kennesaw Mountain High School HS

Nathan Stark, Principal

Kelly Ingle, Magnet Coordinator | Philip Matthews, AP/AD | Darlene Mitchell, AP
Brandon Morris, AP | William Richardson, AP

1898 Kennesaw Due West Road
Kennesaw, GA 30152
PHONE (678) 594-8190
FAX (678) 594-8192

World Languages Department

Jennifer L. Suarez, Department Chairperson

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Teacher Courses Email
Marina Alvarez ESOL
Laura Cepero Spanish I
Spanish II
Erin Hamilton ASL I
David Kitzler ESOL
Anita Minguela Spanish I
Spanish II
Elizabeth Smart Spanish for Native Speakers
H Spanish III
Eileen Springs French I
French II
Jennifer Suarez ESOL
Nestor Velez-Rodriguez Spanish II  Edmodo Code: b9e4g3
H Spanish IV  Edmodo Code: 2gd6ga
AP Spanish  Edmodo Code: 9c4a7ck
Ryan Webber Latin II
H Latin IV