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Kennesaw Mountain High School HS

Nathan Stark, Principal

Kelly Ingle, Magnet Coordinator | Philip Matthews, AP/AD | Darlene Mitchell, AP
Brandon Morris, AP | William Richardson, AP

1898 Kennesaw Due West Road
Kennesaw, GA 30152
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Temporary Access to Lesson Materials

(presentation materials are designed to support instruction)
  • Kienel - MLA Citations - follow steps 1-5
    1.  Login to Office 365 - see Login Info for help, then contact Dr. Bryan if you need further assistance
      Get familiar with the contents of the MLA Guide linked below
    (a version of the guide is always available in the Formatting Research section of, along with additional citation resources)
         -  See what types of sources are listed, notice there is a general description for each type and an example
         -  On page 2 of the guide notice the box with examples of in-text citations
    3.  See the Sample Product linked below for examples of what your completed assignment will look like
         -  the sample product does not include an example for the Journal Article from Database source, for guidance see the following sections on the MLA Guide: Academic Journal and Article from an Online Database (Hilferty)  
    Download and print the Assignment Worksheet linked below
         - hand write a works cited entry and in-text citation example for each of the six sources in the Folder of Resources
         - the worksheet has places for five sources, write responses for your sixth source on the back, or another sheet
         - when you are finished take a picture of your work and email it to Mr. Kienel
    5. If you need assistance see the following guidelines:
         - for questions about accessing the documents linked below or using Office 365 contact Dr. Bryan
         - for questions about the assignment or formatting a particular response contact Mr. Kienel
    Login to Office 365 for access to the following resources:  
  • Send an Assignment to Your Teacher
  • Wells - Multicultural Literature Project
    • Selected book should meet at least one of the following criteria:
      • a novel that addresses issues concerning members of a specific culture
      • a work by a non-American author
      • the setting is outside of the United States and focused on non-American authors
    • To access a list of books at KMHS that meet the requirements of your project click link 1 and then link 2 below
      1. Book Catalog - click this link first to connect with the school's collection, so the next link will work
      2. Wells - Multicultural Literature Reading List - click Show All to scroll through the complete list
  • Office 365 Home Use Test
  • Advanced Database Searches and Other Strategies... (Oliveira 2nd block)

Formative Assessments

KMHMC Calendar & Scheduling

Teachers, please complete the Planning for Collaborative Instruction form to provide information about the goals for your class' visit to the ManeMedia Library Learning Commons.  

To schedule a class for instruction in the LLC or use of the computers, please contact Valerie Bryan (ext. 027) or Anne Garrett (ext. 061).  For more information about what we have scheduled, see our expanded calendar view, or click on an event for details.