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   Here are the details!

  • TEACHERtalk videos are to be NO MORE than 5 minutes long.

  • How to create and submit your TEACHERtalk.

  • Submissions are due by April 14, 2017.

  • Teachers who enter the TEACHERtalk Contest must be available to possibly present their talk live at a CCSD event on July 24, 2017.

  • Your video MUST be your own original content! Be creative! You may include supplemental audio or visual elements with external sources (images, videos, etc.) if properly referenced at the end of your video.

  • Teachers may record their own videos with an iPhone, iPad, home video cameras and/or editing software. Content and subject matter is our focus but good (or great!) production values will be considered in the judging as well. Remember, you could have a great idea but if the sound is terrible or you are filmed in the dark, your message could be missed.

  • All submissions will be reviewed  by a team of Cobb County Educators using this rubric to narrow the field to the top 10 submissions.

  • The top submissions will be posted on the KiDtalk website. Parents, teachers, community members, and students will have an opportunity to view and “like” the videos. The number of likes will be ONE of the factors in determining the winner but not the only one.


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