The mission at LaBelle Elementary School is to facilitate academic achievement so that all children meet or exceed grade level standards. In keeping with our mission, we have established goals that will help us realize positive outcomes. We value the diverse population that comprises our learning community and prepare our staff to educate, understand and appreciate all students. Labelle staff strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that reinforces high expectations for academic achievement.

The leadership team at LaBelle encourages students, parents, staff, and business partners to participate in making educational decisions specific to student needs. Various committees are in place to address all areas of the curriculum. In analyzing data specific to our learning community, we have aligned our school improvement goals to concentrate on the individual needs of our students. Teachers participate in ongoing staff development training to implement research-proven techniques that impact student performance.

Assisting LaBelle in its goal of student achievement, the America’s Choice initiative was implemented in 2002. Unifying the staff and providing research-based strategies through continuous staff development, this reform model has assisted our teachers to address student needs in a consistent, continuous way. America’s Choice provides a common focus that encourages success in achieving our school improvement goals which include meeting proficiency in reading and math and increasing community participation in school events. This focus has also helped us attain AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for the current school year. With continued implementation of America’s Choice, strong staff involvement, on-going staff development, and a focus on the use of data, LaBelle stays focused on student achievement and success.