Ms. McCoy



Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner!



 To encourage bravery, imagination, and positive action.


·         I believe that individual needs of students are met through ongoing collaboration with parents, staff and the School Counseling Program.

·         I believe that our School Counseling Program provides a supportive environment where students can communicate their needs.

·         I believe that cultural diversity and individual differences should be recognized and celebrated.


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Enrollment Information

Please click the link below for student enrollment information.



How to Make an Appointment

I am here to support all LaBelle Elementary School students.  Please call the main office at 678-842-6955 to speak with me regarding an appointment. Parents and caregivers can also email me directly at



2018-2019 Calendar of Services


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an ongoing service. Students, parents and staff may request support for children at LaBelle Elementary School.

What are some reasons to see the school counselor?


*Problems with friends

*Problems at home

*Feeling stressed or overwhelmed

*Feeling scared or worried

*Sharing positive news or achievements


Small Groups

I provide small group counseling throughout the school year. In small groups, we focus on academic success, handling family changes and dealing with strong feelings. Additional small groups are facilitated based on student needs. Students may only attend small groups with parental permission.



School Counselor Core Curriculum Classroom Lessons

Each class will receive a monthly lesson. School Counselor lessons focus on the following domains:



Social/Emotional Development