Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, 2017

All Cobb County Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, for both students and staff, due to continued power outages at multiple schools and poor travel conditions on secondary roads in the northern part of the county.






Heather Soucy
Lindsey MacMillan

Quinn Rice

Jodie Reznik

Kelly Campbell, Interventionist

First Grade

Kristin Knight
Victoria Matejcik
Dawn McElhaney
Amanda Warren

Ally Wisdom, Interventionist

Second Grade

Marcia Moore
Monica Shirinzadeh
Katherine Dougherty

Lorre Harris

Lisa Kelley, Interventionist


Third Grade

Janelle Blackmon

Lynn Hadden

Emily Rose

Heather DePetro

Tiffany Cranshaw

Beth Dettelbach, Interventionist

Fourth Grade

Jaclyn Krider

Catherine Alexander

Kelly Castleberry

Denise Wright

Shan Jones, Interventionist

Fifth Grade

Mayra Padilla

Ersell Cunningham
Mandy Dillard

Lisa McNeely

LeShon Grahm, Interventionist



Vickie Gass, Media Center
Sonji Sumlin, Kindergarten
Geraldine Askew, SpNeeds Prek
Corlis Buchanan, Kindergarten
Todd Flentje, P.E.
Iman Chambers, Spec Ed Para

Nicki Jordan, Spec Ed Para

Sarah Williams, Kindergarten

Darcy Steele, Interrelated

Kimberly Sylvester, SID/PID Primary

Jeffery Howard, OI



Natasha Tidmore, Music
Elsa Cheng, Media Specialist
Jerilyn Price, Art
John Sepnieski, Physical Ed.


Merrilee Rainey, Secretary
Helene Price, Bookkeeper
Jacqueline Rutherford, Clerk
Cindy Dailey, Parent Liaison

Carmen Rodriguez, Parent Liaison
Amy Cantrell, Clinic


Courtney McCoy, Guidance Counselor


Rosalyn Comer
Eric Harris
Brunilda Taveras

Cindy Dailey, ESOL

Special Education

Elizabeth Griffin, Sp. Needs Pre-K

Alicia Lawyer, Interrelated
Michael Smith, Interrelated
Kelly Stuart, Speech Preschool
Anthony Willis, Target

Jennifer Underwood, Speech Therapist

Erica Thomas, Interrelated


Sonya Chambers, Read 180



Shanika Queeman, Occupational Therapy
Kindra Brock, Adaptive P.E.
Katheleen Lovett, Orthopedic Impaired
Raquel Rodriquez, Social Worker



Valecia Appleby, Head Custodian
Cleotis Shipman, Custodian

Paul Jones-Custodian

Food Service Assistants

Thomas Williams, Cafeteria Manager
Ruby Edmonds
Claudia Peeler

Michelle Scott

Lunchroom Monitor

Samantha Taylor