Destiny Library Manager

Cataloging eBooks* in Destiny


Destiny Library Manager allows library media specialists to provide patron access to online ebooks they have purchased for their school collections.  Like print books, each ebook is represented in the Destiny catalog with a MARC record.  In addition to the standard bibliographic information, the ebook catalog record contains a link to the ebook file on the vendor's ebook hosting website.  When patrons find an ebook in the Destiny catalog, they simply click the link to go to the vendor's host site and open the ebook. 


Once a patron clicks the link to open an ebook from the Destiny catalog, the host site may use some method of authentication to verify that the library owns the ebook and that it is available for use.  Unfortunately, each ebook vendor uses a different authentication method. Free online ebooks may not require any type of authentication, while some ebook host sites may require the patron to enter a username and/or password for the school's account. (For these hosts, the library media specialist will need to provide their patrons the login information beforehand.) 


Some ebook products allow simultaneous use by an unlimited number of patrons, but others require libraries to purchase individual "copies" that can only be accessed by one patron at a time.  If the ebook host only allows one user per copy, it will also verify that a copy is available before allowing the patron to open it.

eBook Cataloging Requirements

Library media specialists may add or import MARC records for ebooks in Destiny, but they are responsible for ensuring that those records must comply with the following standards:

For information about linking the catalog record to the actual online ebook, see the vendor's instructions.

Follett eBooks

Destiny Library Manager has special features that work only with Follett ebooks.  Essentially, this system allows Destiny to manage the patron authentication and access to ebooks purchased from Follett Library Resources.  If a patron has logged in to his Destiny account, he can preview and "check out" a Follett ebook directly from the Destiny catalog.  (Most Follett ebooks are limited to one user per copy, even titles that are in the public domain.)


Library media specialists who purchase Follett ebooks should create an "eBook" circulation type in Destiny (if it does not already exist). This circulation type is used to control the loan periods for Follett ebooks, so all Follett ebooks should be assigned to it.  We recommend that the loan periods be set shorter for ebooks than other items, because there is no way for the library media specialist to force the "check in" of an ebook and make it available to other patrons.  It only becomes available again when the patron manually checks it in or when the loan period expires.



* Note: The information on this page applies to online ebooks, not to e-reader devices, such as Kindles or Nooks.