Program Administration

School Library Media Budgets

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FY2013 State Media Allotments

The FY13 allotment amounts are based on the school's final (October) FY13 FTE count, using the formula below. Each school receives $5,000 for the first 269 FTE students and $12.40 per FTE thereafter.  This formula provides schools with extremely small enrollments a base allotment that will allow them to provide and maintain a basic collection of resources for their students.

FY 12 Media Materials Allotment Formula
  $12.40 x (FTE - 269)
+ $5000
= School Allotment

FY2013 Budget Calendar

The budget & spending timetable is provided below. 


July 2012: Final allotments and CVL costs loaded in financial portal
July 2012: 2012-2013 WT Cox magazine renewal orders charged to procurement cards
July/August 2012: Library Media Specialists may begin placing orders
December 14, 2012: 60% of allotment to be encumbered*
February 22, 2013: 100% of allotment to be encumbered*
April 24, 2013: 100% of allotment to be expended*


Budget Tracking

Tracking a library media budget is a bit like balancing a checkbook.  Library Media Specialists keep a spreadsheet to track their individual expenditures and remaining balance (like a keeping a checkbook register). Also, they check the reports on the CCSD Financial Portal (similar to a bank statement) to see when purchases have "cleared," to double-check their records, and to verify their remaining balance.