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Welcome to Our Counseling Department!

Kendrah (Clark) DeGruy 8th Grade Counselor
Jessica Chester 7th Grade Counselor
Vanessa Hunter Counseling Clerk
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New Counselor Joins Lindley Middle

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We are asking that you take the following survey to help Lindley counselors assist you with your child needs. We greatly appreciate it.

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Lindley Middle School
Comprehensive School Counseling Program Plan
Cobb County School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Cobb County School Counseling program is to assist students with overcoming barriers that impede learning. The goal of all Cobb County Professional School Counselors is to implement a standards-based comprehensive school counseling program that:

  • Includes a curriculum addressing the needs of all students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and career development
  • Provides specialized interventions based on identified student needs
  • Assists students in acquiring appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and communication skills to promote healthy relationships
  • Enhances the ability of students to identify and utilize the appropriate resources needed for post-secondary success
  • Creates positive relationships with students fostering personal growth, service to others, and academic achievement
  • Advocates for all students encouraging them to develop to their fullest potential
  • Encourages consultation and collaboration with other educators, parents, and community on behalf of all students

Lindley Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Lindley Middle School’s counseling program is to equip our students with the essential skills needed to enhance life-long learning and social awareness. As counselors, we encourage students to develop interpersonal skills while preparing for a successful transition and matriculation through high school. Our students are provided opportunities to explore the relationships of academics to the world of work and to the community. Counseling services are available to all students through individual, small group, and classroom guidance.

Lindley Middle School Counseling Philosophy

The counselors believe:

  • All students are entitled to the services of a professional school counselor
  • Every student will should equal access to a standards-based comprehensive school counseling program
  • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process that involves, not only school counselors, but students, parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders and other stakeholders alike.

And the Lindley Middle School comprehensive school counseling program will:

  • Promote and support the academic achievements, personal and social development and career planning of every student
  • Advocate for student success by offering individual counseling, group counseling and classroom guidance
  • Articulate and demonstrate an understanding of the American School Counselor Association National Model of school counseling
  • Analyze student data and conduct an annual program audit to evaluate the effectiveness of the school counseling program

And all Professional School Counselors at Lindley Middle School will:

  • Plan and manage the comprehensive school counseling program
  • Attend and participate in professional learning opportunities on both local and county levels
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior as outlined by the American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics