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Lindley Sixth Grade Academy

Dr. Denise Magee, Principal

Tida Bruce-Banefield, AP  |  Kasisi Brown, AP  |  Dr. Dawn Harrell, SSA

1550 Pebblebrook Circle SE
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: 770-819-2414
Fax: 770-819-2418

Lindley 6th Grade Academy Faculty & Staff

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Team 6-1
Sharol Benbow | Blog Social Studies
Amber Thomas | Blog Science
Courtney Daniels | Blog Math
 Charity Grauberger | Blog | Remind Connection English Language Arts
Charity Cannon | Blog English Language Arts
Dr. Dona Banks | Blog Math

Team 6-2
Kristi Love | (Blog) Social Studies
Brenda Sermons |(Blog) Social Studies
Vanessa Moore | (Blog) Science
Faith Castellano | Blog Science
Patrenia Gooden | Blog Math
Mei Oh | Blog Math
Pearlene Thompson | Blog English Language Arts
Thelma Hall-Corpus | Blog ESOL Language Arts
Danielle Carvil-Dardey | Blog SMG/IRR ELA
Yolanda Spencer | Blog SMG/IRR Math
Kerri Beaman | Blog IRR Social Studies/Science
Paulette Johnson| Blog IRR Math/Science

Team 6-3
Laura Clark | Blog English Language Arts
Laquananisha  Adams | Blog Social Studies
Cheryl Coleman | Blog Science
Dr. Melissa Laster Blog Science
Brian Delaney | Blog Math
David Stickle | Blog Math
Edna Bennett | Blog Social Studies
Haley Brown | Blog English Language Arts

Team 6-4
Dr. Millicent Sweeting | Blog MID
John Conde | Blog Math

Dekresha Fambro | Blog PLTW
James Smart | Blog Band
Cynthia ChitwoodWebpage   Blog Art
Letitia Horne | Blog Physical Education
Roxanne Mungin | Blog Chorus
Marie Lewis | Blog IEL/Read 180
Wanda Lynah | Blog  

Kimberly Jones ISS
Royce Tribue Media Para
Kendall James MID
Peggy Huff IRR
Yamile Mojica Parent Facilitator

Clerical Staff
Naomi Souffront School Secretary
Robbin Barnes Pupil Personnel Clerk
Angela Jackson Bookkeeper
Tammy Leflore Front Office/Counseling Clerk

Counselors and Support Staff
Marquis Hebert Counselor (Last names A-M)
Bianca Walker Counselor (Last names M-Z)
Vibha Bhatti School Nurse
Kimberly Chinn Social Worker
Karla Brigiotta Psychologist
Shequila Beamer Speech Pathologist

Specialized Instruction and Support
Ingrid Hanson Media Specialist
Kelly Beer Blog Academic Coach

Cafeteria Staff
Sherry Stover Cafe Manager
Alina James Cafe
Carolyn Rinehart Cafe
Janice Scott Cafe
Ha Li Cafe

Lisa Bennett Head II
Derrick Gray Head I
Mason Watkins PM
Otis Cox PM
Florina Xuconoxtli PM

Georgia Japanese School
Mr. Toshihiko Kawakami Principal
Ms. Reiko Murano Administrator
Mrs. Naomi Hampton Assistant