Lindley 6th Grade Academy Faculty & Staff

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Team 6-1

Ms. Courtney Wright (Language Arts)
Mrs. Deborah Burns (Mathematics)
Ms. Nicole Kempson (Science)
Ms. Jacquelyne.Haywrad (Social Studies)

Team 6-2

Mrs. Melba Cleckley (Language Arts)
Mr. David Stickle (Mathematics)
Ms. Demetra McCoy (Science)
Mrs. Brenda Sermons (Social Studies)

Team 6-3

Mrs. Natalie Jorges-Castellanos (Language Arts)
Ms. Tina Stanback (Mathematics)
Mrs. Kristen Sewell (ESOL/Science )
Ms. Nisha Adams (Social Studies)

Team 6-4

Mrs. Thelma Hall (ESOL/Language Arts)
Mr. Brian Delaney (Mathematics)
Mr. James Neal (Science)
Ms. Sahara Wren (Social Studies)

Team 6-5

Mrs. Quanda Brown (Mathematics)
Mrs. Cheryl Coleman (Science)
Mrs. Holly Sprayberry (Social Studies)
Ms. Marie Lewis (IEL)

Exceptional Education

Mrs. Elisa Lassiter (IRR-Science)
Ms. Dennette Vassell  (Speech/Language)
Mr. Keith Hopper (IRR-Language Arts)
Ms. Tonya Polk (Mathematics)
Mr. Marshane Foreman (ELA/Math)
Ms. Sharol Benbow (Social Studies)
Dr. Millicent Sweeting (MID)


Dr. I. Denise Magee, Principal (Blog)
Mr. Derrick Bailey - Asst. Principal (Blog)
Mr. Shawn Hadley - Asst. Principal
Ms. Stephanie Sommer - Special Student Services Administrator

Clerical Staff

Ms. Naomi Souffront, Secretary
Ms. Debi Whitaker, PPO Clerk
Ms. Angela Jackson, Bookkeeper
Ms. Tammie LeFlore, Clerk
Ms. Lara Finn, Social Worker
Ms. Jana Ladner, Psychologist

Classified Staff

Ms. Vibha Bhatti, School Nurse
Ms. Sherry Stover, Cafe Manager
Ms. Lisa Bennett, Custodian
Mr. Apolinar Padilla, Custodian
Mr. Derrick Gray, Custodian
Gloria Jackson, Cafeteria
Alina James, Cafeteria
Janice Scott, Cafeteria
Maurita Wynn, Cafeteria


Ms. Letitia Horne (Physical Education)
Ms. Sara Stickle (Art)
Ms. Nichole Cancer (Drama)
Ms. Kameron Crutcher (Orchestra/Chorus)
Mr. James Smart (Band)
Ms. Katherine Chopin (Spanish)
Ms. Sonya Flanigan (Math Connections/LA)


Ms. Marquis Chenault
Ms. Chelsea Redmond
Ms. Holli Atwater (EPS)

Specialized Instruction and Support

Ms. Jan Parker (Media Specialist) Blog
Ms. Robbin Barnes (Media Para)
Ms. Denise Reynolds (Academic Coach)
Ms. Angela Price (Academic Coach) Mr. Anthony Dangerfield (ISS)
Ms. Katherine Chopin (Parent Facilitator)