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Welcome to Lost Mountain

Our Vision

Expanding the Pursuit of Excellence

Our Mission

Engage, Encourage, and Educate Learners with Enthusiasm

Parent Guides for Interpreting the EOG Score

Parent Guide EOG Brochure
EOG Score Intrepretation Guide

School-Day Extended 45 Minutes on August 21 due to Solar Eclipse

Due to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, the Cobb County School District will delay dismissal of elementary, middle and high school students by 45 minutes.

The peak time to experience the solar eclipse falls during our regularly scheduled elementary school dismissal time. Since student safety is always our first priority, we will delay dismissal to ensure that neither students nor employees are on the roadways during the time of the eclipse. Subsequently, high schools and middle schools will delay dismissal as well.

Schools will be provided with further guidance and instructional resources as appropriate. Parents are welcome to pick-up their child at the typical dismissal time if needed.

Students will not be able to participate in an outdoor viewing of the eclipse unless the permission form is returned to the homeroom teacher by Friday, August 18.  The students will instead participate in an alternate activity from inside the school building.

For more information regarding the solar eclipse visit the National Weather Service at http://www.weather.gov/sgf/SolarEclipse

Please visit the Cobb County School District Website: www.cobbk12.org
for further information and helpful links.

Lost Mountain Middle Schedule on Eclipse Day

Hearing and Vision Screenings

LMMS needs volunteers to administer Hearing and Vision screenings to our 7th grade students on Sept. 18. Please contact Allison Paulk, Assistant Principal, this week for information at allison.paulk@cobbk12.org or 678-594-8224.

Cobb County Student Folder and Lockers

Teachers will begin to assign lockers at the end of the week once the required items have been completed and returned to homeroom teachers. Many of these forms can be found on the link below, or students may ask their homeroom teacher.
1. Receipt of the Family Information Guide (Form JCDA-3)
2. BYOD User Agreement (Bring Your Own Device)
3. Letter from Mrs. Wilkes on Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
4. Student Enrollment Form (Yellow- Pre-Printed from Denise Younker)
5. Clinic Card
6. Performing Arts Permission Form (LMMS Foundation Performing Arts or the Cobb County Performing Arts Form )
7. Grade Level Forms (There may be additional forms required by a particular grade level.)
1. PTSA Form and Donation
2. Free and Reduced Lunch Application (Registration on-line; contact cafeteria manager, Dena Ison, for help)
3. Counseling Department Needs Assessment Form
4. Performing Arts Donation

Performing Arts Form

Inside the Cobb County student folder are two separate Performing Arts forms. One form is the Cobb County Performing Arts form and the second form is the LMMS Foundation Performing Arts form. Our students will receive a portion of the Cobb County Performing Arts funds collected; all of the funds collected through the LMMS Foundation will be spent on our students. Parents may elect to donate to only one of the two choices, to both groups, or may choose not to donate at this time. Although a donation is not required, it is important to note that parent permission to participate in Performing Arts is required. Thus, all students will need to return one of the two Performing Arts forms.

Backpacks and String Bags

Once students are issued lockers, they will not be allowed to bring backpacks and string bags inside the classrooms. Students may still bring backpacks and string bags to and from school, but they will need to be left inside their locker during the school day. It is important for the students and teacher to be able to maneuver freely in the classroom and the bags can become a safety issue. The students have scheduled locker break between their classes and only have a few books to carry during the school day. Most textbooks are now on-line, or the students have a class set in the room to use. Girls are allowed to bring a purse; boys and girls may bring a pencil box to each class if they choose. Thank you for your support.

Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search


Testing Dates for 2017-18 (subject to change)

7th grade COGAT- September 8th
7th grade IOWA- September 11-15th
8th grade PSAT 8 – October 18th
All grades Milestone testing window- April 11-20th

Congratulations TOTY & CEOTY Winners,
Lisa Tatum, Teacher of the Year
Allison Miller, Classified Employee of the Year

Attendance, Tardies, Arrival and Dismissal!

Did you know that research shows there is a direct correlation between school attendance and academic performance? Absence from school is often the greatest single cause of poor performance. Attendance is one indicator for the state scoring model for all schools called the CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index). For every student who has six (6) or more absences, our score decreases. This includes students who are absent more than ½ a school day. Now, what can you do? Of course, we want your sick child to stay at home in order to get better, but when possible, please try to make appointments to where your child is at school at least ½ of the school day. Let’s work as a team to make LMMS stay #1 in the district.

Please read the attached student policies!

Honor Roll Criteria

All A’s Principal's Honor Roll - A in every class (including Connections)- S in Conduct in every class.

All A’s and B’s Honor Roll - A minimum of 1 A and the rest B’s- S in conduct in every class

Electronic Devices

All personal electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, iPod’s, PSP’s, etc) must be turned off upon arrival at school and remain off until the school day ends. Students may not display or use any electronic device during the school day unless designated for a learning task by a teacher in their class on a specific day. Any device seen or heard during the school day will be confiscated and turned in to the main office. Repeated violations constitute insubordination resulting in progressive disciplinary consequences. The confiscated item will only be released to the parent or guardian. Parents may pick up electronic devices after 4:15 p.m. on the day the item is collected and any day thereafter during regular office hours (8:15 – 4:45).

Lost Mountain has partnered with the Daily Grind to introduce a fantastic new way to show teachers how much we appreciate them. Please encourage a teacher today. Buy them a lunch credit and they will know how much you really appreciate them. They will get a tasty lunch delivered to their school and the program will add $1 to a gift card of their choice. Very Important: Leave a note on their board and make their day (they will get this note emailed to them)!

Visit Teacher's Lunch Box to treat a teacher and learn more about this exciting new community partnership.

School hours 9:10-4:15
Study Hall starts @ 8:15
The Front doors are not unlocked until 8:15 each morning and will be locked at 4:45.

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Lost Mountain Photos

Calendar of Events

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Limited Time Offer- Order Yearbook for early-bird price! $35 - If you order before September 30th!
School Code is 2080.
NEW! Design and order a dedication page for your child. Click on "Yearbook Ads" at

Recognize your student’s Birthday!

Support the Lost Mountain Foundation by purchasing a Happy Birthday message for your student on our school marquee! Announcements are $20.00 and run for one full school day. For more information or to order a message, click here.

Legacy Board

Support the Lost Mountain Foundation by purchasing a feather or plaque on the Legacy Board located at the theater entrance. These feathers and plaques will remain forever. For more information or to order a plaque, click here.


All CCSD students (K-12) will have access to the Office 365 digital tools suite unless a parent previously selected the opt-out decision. If a parent wants to confirm student access and/or ascertain their student’s Office 365 username, they can locate this information via ParentVue (https://parentvue.cobbk12.org/)

Food and Nutrition Information

Cobb County Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) would like to announce that the application for free or reduced price meals is now available online in both English and Spanish for the 2017-2018 school year: https://mealapps.cobbk12.org/
If you choose to apply, please follow the on-screen instructions and fill out only one application per family. Please keep the confirmation number for your records. For additional information on paying for school meals including our meal charge policy, please visit the FNS website at:

Bus Information

If you need to locate your child’s bus you may access the online search at www.cobbk12.org
Select “Parents” and then select “Bus Routes.”

LMMS Alumni Success



Agenda Book and Restroom Procedures

Coffee Talk with the Principal

The 1st Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. beginning in September.
with the Front Office
Location: Media Conference Room

Understanding Playful vs. Hurtful Teasing and Bullying Behavior

A pamphlet for parents and educators on Teasing and Bullying Behavior can be found at http://www.cobbk12.org/bully/

LMMS Student Report of Incident Form

Car Rider Rainy Weather Notice

Lost Mountain will follow the following dismissal procedure during inclement weather. Car riders will report to the theater. Parents may park and pick up students from the theater. Parents wishing to stay in the car rider line will be directed to the student pick up area after buses have left the school campus.


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