Lost Mountain Middle School

Candace Wilkes, Principal

Martha Bennett, AP  |  Shannon Kiger, AP  |  Allison Paulk, AP

700 Old Mountain Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
Phone: 678-594-8224
Fax: 678-594-8226

Clinic Information

The clinic is open Monday-Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm

Phone: 678-594-8257
FAX: 678-594-8226
E-mail: muna.calvert@cobbk12.org

The clinic provides basic care for students who are sick or injured. We also assist in administration of medications and treatments. We DO NOT make diagnosis, as there are no licensed physician on staff. The care is provided according to Cobb County Guidelines

Donations Appreciated

-3 oz. Paper Cups to take medicine
-Ziploc snack baggies for ice packs
-Ziploc Gallon size baggies
-Individually wrapped soft round peppermints (not the hard ones) for sore throat-
-Saltine Crackers for nausea
-Cotton balls
-Various size Band-Aids
-Fabric Band-Aids
-Knee/Knuckle Fabric Band-Aids
-Contact Lens Solution
-Eucerine Cream (not the lotion) for Eczema
-Vaseline for dry lips
-Q-tips to apply Vaseline
-Feminine Pads
-Small cans of gingerale

Helpful Links

Authorization to Give Medication
Authorization to Carry Over The Counter Medication
Authorization To Carry Prescription Medication
Release of Medical Information Form
Procedures When Students Show Signs of Illness or Injury
Asthma Self-Management Action Plan
Diabetes Management Plan
Pump Supplement Plan
Diabetic Supply Sheet
Seizure Action Plan
Allergy Action Plan
Food Allergy Action Plan
Questions and Answers about Medication at School
Lunchroom A la Carte Carbohydrate Counts
Lunchroom Entree Carbohydrate Counts

Muna Calvert
Clinic Nurse
Lost Mountain Middle School
678-594-8224 ex. 257