Lost Mountain Middle School

Candace Wilkes, Principal

Martha Bennett, AP  |  Shannon Kiger, AP  |  Allison Paulk, AP

700 Old Mountain Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
Phone: 678-594-8224
Fax: 678-594-8226

Teacher Blogs

A Asher, Carri 7th Reading Email
B Bell, Gloria 7th Special Education Email
  Bennett, Martha 8th Special Education Email
  Bishop, Kacy Drama/Chorus (all grades) Email
  Blackwell, Emily 6th Science Email
  Burlock, Cossatta 6th Reading Email
C Cahall, Kathy 7th Math Email
  Calvert, Muna Nurse Email
  Champion, Jay Music/Chorus (all grades) Email
  Chapman, April 6th Language Arts Email
  Coe, Cara Health (all grades) Email
  Cole, Kay 6th Special Education Email
D Dawson, Jennifer 6th Social Studies Email
  Dickerson, Danielle 7th, 8th Special Education Email
  Disco, Francie 8th Social Studies Email
  Downs, Diana 8th Language Arts Email
  Downs, Maria 8th Spanish Email
E Eison, Melissa 8th Special Education Email
F Faulkner, Lacey Family and Consumer Science (all grades) Email
Felix, Jenny P.E. (all grades) Email
  Felton, Jennifer 7th Reading Email
  Fields, Tracy

Counselor (students with last names A-J) and RTI Counselor

  Ford, Tina 6th, 7th Special Education Email
G Garrett, Kristen 8th Language Arts Email
  Glass, Tricia 8th Math Email
H Hanse, Diane 6th Reading Email
  Harper, Alyssa Art (all grades) Email
  Hazelip, Eric 6th Science Email
  Holder, Heather 7th Science Email
  Holder, Jill 6th  Math Email
  Hollins, Nicole Read 180 Email
  Humphrey, Stephanie 8th Math Email
I Ison, Dena Cafeteria Manager Email
K Keel, Kelley 7th Math Email
L LaFontaine, Alicia 8th Science Email
M Martinez, Carmela  8th Social Studies Email
  McCloskey, Jennifer 8th Special Education Email
  McInnis, Alicia Speech (all grades) Email
Miller, Amy 7th Reading and Language Arts Email
Murray, Chris Special Education Email
N Newell, Lauren 7th Social Studies Email
O O'Neill, Sue 8th Math Email
P Paul, Laurie 8th Science Email
  Pellegrino, Ryan 6th Social Studies Email
  Penetra, Luisa 8th Spanish and Origins of Language Email
  Puckett, Lauren 7th Science and Social Studies Email
R Raeder, Selina 8th Language Arts and Origins of Language Email
  Ravenscraft, Dave  P.E. (all grades) Email
  Rice, Audrey 7th Math Email
  Ridgely, Ryan 8th Social Studies Email
  Rizzo, Leslie 6th & 8th Special Education Email
S Sanford, Betsy 7th Science Email
  Stephens, Linda Orchestra (all grades) Email
  Strother, Sonya Business (all grades) Email
  Sultenfuss, Wendy Media Specialist Email
  Swan, Christie 7th Social Studies Email
T Tatum, Lisa 8th Science Email
  Taylor, Amanda Vision Impaired Email
  Teague, Gina 6th Special Education Email
  Thrash, Michelle 6th Language Arts Email
  Tingle, Suzanne Band (all grades) Email
W Watts, Caitlin Band (all grades) Email
  Welsh, Marla 7th Language Arts Email
  Wilhelm, Amanda 6th Math Email
  Williams, Donna 8th Language Arts Email
  Williams, Jaime 7th Language Arts Email
  Williams, Shawna 7th Special Education Email
  Wombles, Valerie

Counselor (students with last names K-Z)  and 504 Counselor