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Our Physical Education program at Mableton Elementary is geared to educate children about their individual fitness level. Focusing on that "fitness is fun" motivates children to increase active life styles.


The students experience a variety of sport skills:  soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, football, badminton, bowling, etc.  Along with rhythmic dance, lummi sticks, parachute activities, juggling scarves/balls, working with bean bags, hula hoops, scooters, etc.


Throughout the school year, lessons are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, agility, muscular strength and flexibility. Children learn to warm up, pace themselves, take their heart rate, cool down and stretch.


Each spring, "The President’s Challenge" is used to measure their level on five fitness components.  All grades are tested on the following: 


  1. Abdominal strength –how many sit-ups can you do in one minute?
  2. Agility–how fast can you run 30 feet and pick up an object and return it back to starting position?  How many seconds?
  3. Cardiovascular endurance –how fast can you jog/run a one-mile distance?
  4. Pull-ups –measures upper body strength/endurance by maximum number of pull-ups completed.
  5. Flexibility –farthest distance reached in a sitting position with your legs stretched out in front of you.


Children are aware of which component, if any, he/she needs to focus and improve on for the next school year. Each child is encouraged to work on their individual goals.


Another assessment used to measure fitness for our 4th & 5th grade students is “The Fitnessgram.”


Other Physical Education programs at Mableton Elementary:


  • Jump Rope for Heart is sponsored by the American Heart Association.
  • Field Day is in May.  Parent volunteers are needed to help run the exciting field day events!!
  • Mileage Club:  Walking/jogging challenge to improve cardiovascular endurance.  All 2nd through 5th grade students walk or jog on the outside track to gain miles so he/her can earn a “toe token.”  A “toe token” is awarded for every five miles that is completed.  All kindergarten & 1st grade students earn stickers.
  • Jogging Club:  This club also promotes cardiovascular endurance.  Every student has the opportunity to jog at least 10 or 20 minutes without stopping.  Names are posted on the gym wall for recognition and a star is given to students to take home.


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