Mableton Administration

Kym Eisgruber

Lori Arends
Asst. Principal

Dear Parents,

I am proud to be the principal of this wonderful school. I am also proud to celebrate the many successes we've experienced. These successes include: developing grade level and school wide consistency for teaching strategies; Continuous, purposeful changefocusing on reading, writing, math, and seeing the direct results - showing gains on the CRCT. We currently received these state awards because of our improvement shown in all subject areas of the state testover the past 3 years. We are proud, honored and humbled to receive the following three awards:

Distiguished Title I Award

This award recognizes Title I schools that make AYP for 3 consecutive years in all sub group. We have received the Distinguished Title I Award for 7 consecutive years.

School of Excellence - 11/5/09

The category that we received this honor, is for greatest improvement in our test scores. We were selected by Superintendent, Kathy Cox. Mableton Elementary demonstrated greatest continuous gains in student achievement in reading and mathematics for past three years and met the following criteria:

SSAS - 2009 Single Statewide Accountability System-GOLDAward

As you can see, we have lots to celebrate!

The energy and enthusiasm toward not just the standards, but to the climate of learning in general, is inspirational. Mableton serves a diverse community of families. My talented and dedicated staff will provide a rigorous curriculum and motivate the children toward achievement. The students will reflect their knowledge in more than just test scores, but in their everyday words, actions, and attitudes toward scholarship as well as community. I continue to be excited about the future of Mableton and the possibilities that await us. My strong commitment to the students, staff and families in our school community shape all the decisions that are made at Mableton Elementary School. Above all else- children come first! I know that you send us your best (your children) each day and in return my staff and I will give your children our best as well. Our best includes focusing on the following:

  • providing a rigorous instructional program to meet the needs of diverse learners;
  • recognizing all students for exhibiting good character;
  • providing a common language and clear expectations for behavior;
  • strengthening home/school communications and relationships;
  • strengthening partnerships with businesses and organizations in the community
  • promoting a system of shared accountability where each student, staff member, and parent knows what is expected of him/her in order for us to reach our academic goals.
  • I take my job as the instructional leader of this wonderful school very seriously. You can see why I love my job and look forward to our continued work together. With your commitment and the support of this community, the students of Mableton will be afforded the best possible learning experience a school can provide.


Kym Y. Eisgruber