Skills Practice Websites for Students

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Games, Puzzles


The Color Game: Read the color word and match it to the correct color circle.

The Animal Game:  Match the animal head to the animal body:

Zoe’s Pet Shelter:  Join Zoe from Sesame Street and sort animals using different characteristics

Shape Math: Click on the correct shape:

Shape Story: Listen to shape stories and find hidden shapes

Interactive clock game to help students understand about time

Game Room, Flash Cards, Puzzles:

Brainpop:  Variety of literacy and math 

Fun School: Variety of literacy and math activities for students

Learning Planet:  Variety of literacy and math activities for students

All Academic Areas:

Earobic's GameGoo Education site

Search Engine for Kids:

Social Studies, Science, Health, Government, Money:

Music, Games and Coloring:

Typing Practice