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Phone: (770) 928-5560
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McCleskey Clinic Information

Nurse: Rebecca Slade

Clinic News and Notes

The Clinic is in constant need of the following supplies: 3 oz cups, Ziploc baggies, Saltine Crackers, feminine products, Tissues, band aids of all sizes, and hand sanitizer.

Children may not transport any prescription, OR cough and cold medicines on them to school. A parent MUST bring these medicines to school and fill out the appropriate forms. (See below)

With the Flu running rampant right now, please be aware of the signs and symptoms of the Flu and keep your children home if they are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

Is your child too sick for childcare or school?

It is often hard to decide if your child is too sick to go to school or the childcare center early in the morning. It is sometimes hard to tell if minor symptoms will get better or worse during the day.

How can I tell when to keep my child home?

The main reasons to keep your child home are if he/she:

As a rule of thumb, keep your child at home or call your child’s doctor if he seems very ill or has a Fever (temperature over 100.3°F) in the last 24 hours, or acts sick - which might include any of these:

If your child has any of these problems, ask his doctor if an office visit is needed. If your child is ill and has already been seen by his doctor, ask the doctor when he can return to childcare or school.

Here are some of the forms you may need. Please download and print to complete and send in to the clinic.

First is Form JGCD-2 (Authorization for child to take medicine at school)- Parent must sign and supply and bring medicine to school and the medicine must be in its’ original bottle. If it is a prescription medication, pills must be counted and signed off on by parent and the nurse on a separate form in clinic. (Yes this means you must come in and bring the meds to the nurse and provide your signature.)

Next is the same form in Spanish JGCD-2 Espanol

JGCD- 10 - Permission to carry Inhaler on them- (Must be signed by parent, student and school nurse)

Is My Student Well Enough To Go To School?