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Clubs & Activities

There are a variety of clubs and activities avaliable to students at McClure. Meetings, times and locations are announced on the morning broadcast so always listen closely so you will know when the club meetings will be. Currently available clubs and organizations are listed below.

Art Club:
This club is for artists that would like to compete in Art competitions and is sponsored by Ms. Heyser. Art Club will meet on Thursdays during Mav Block time.
Book Club:
This club is devoted to the promotion of reading for pleasure. We hope to encourage students to read books of various genres and that act as windows into the lives of those unlike theirs as well as windows that reflect themselves. Sponsored by Ms. Harpin, Ms. B. Smith, and Ms. Greenway. There is monthly meeting with an Edmodo component as well.

Drama Club:
Drama club is an after school club in which students rehearse and perform scripted scenes and monologues. The club sponsors are Mrs. Burchette. Ms. B. Smith, and Ms. Findling. Drama Club will perform Annie Jr. this year. See Ms. Burchette for more information.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes):
FCA is a student-led Christian gathering that is meant to be a place for friends, fun, and faith. It is open to all students, and it is free to come. FCA meets every Friday at 8:15 am in the cafeteria and drop off at the bus port. FCA Sponsor is Ms. C. Smith. The 1st meeting will be Sept. 7th.


Intramurals provide an opportunity for students to participate in games and activities before school. A calendar will be posted in the gym lobby and on the McClure webpage. No dressing out is required. Proper shoes must be worn. Intramurals will be MondayThursday from 8:00-8:50 am in the gym and is sponsored by Coach Boone and Coach Hausdorf. Intramurals will start after Labor Day.

News Team:
The McClure News Team is looking for those with an interest in broadcasting, reporting, technical support or feature writing. This group will be bringing us the daily announcements and news in video format. In addition, the crew will be creating scrolling announcements. Auditions for the News Team were held at the beginning of the school year. News Team sponsors are Mr. Gandolfo and Mr. Hausdorf.

Reading Bowl:
Will encourage and build close reading skills and reading for pleasure which will culminate in a State-wide competition. Team will meet once a week before school (TBD) and once a week during Mav Block. Sponsored by Ms. Cera and Ms. Greenway.

Robotics Club:

The Modular Mavericks are McClure’s Competitive Robotics Team. Any 6-8th grade student who is interested in joining the team should see Mr. Swan for an application. There is a $50 fee to join.

(Strong, Talented, Assertive, Respectful Sisters) Mentoring Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit foundation that meets the 1st and 3rd week of the Month on Tuesday or Thursday. Encourages young women to be confident by discussing topics related to teens’ everyday life and empowers them to be leaders, engaged in building relationships and lasting friendships. See Mrs. Sherer for more information.

The Yearbook staff will meet on Tuesday mornings from 8:00-8:50 am. The sponsors are Ms. Goelz and Mrs. Myer. We will also meet during Mav Block as needed. If you are interested in being on the yearbook staff and have not filled out an application, please see one of the sponsors.
Library Learning Commons Student Crew (LLC Student Crew:)
The LLC Student Crew is a volunteer program that is instrumental in the morning operations of the LLC. Sponsored by Ms. Harpin and Ms. Chambliss. We would love to have you come and help us keep the Learning Commons (Media Center) an amazing place at McClure.

Library Learning Commons Advisory Committee (LLC Advisory committee):
The LLC Advisory Committee helps students provide input in LLC decisions which affords students with ownership of our Library Learning Commons. Advice is given on a variety of topics include book fair, bulletin boards, and technology. Sponsored by Ms. Harpin.

Science Olympiad:
Sponsored by Mrs. Myer and Mr. Blankencecler and offering students the opportunity to create and master different contents within science. We also promote leadership, and have a whole lot of fun building and creating labs and experiments. We also have a district and state wide competition that we participate in.

Friends Club:
This club provides general education students and special education students with the opportunity to develop real and meaningful friendships. General education students will provide time during Mav Block or lunch engaging in conversations and providing assistance and support to students with disabilities (as their schedules allow). Students with disabilities will have the opportunity to practice social skills, develop self-esteem, and recreational skills. This also affords the general education students a chance to obtain an increased awareness of diversity. Sponsored by Ms. Heaton and Ms. Marques.
This club is sponsored by Ms. Burchette. Journalism will meet once a week, but student leaders may have more than one meeting a week. Meetings will take place before school, and some may occur during Mav Block. We will be creating digital journalism articles and working to promote what is going on at McClure and reporting on what is going on in the World.
Girls Who Code:
(01100111 01101001 01110010 01101100 01110011 00100000 01110111 01101000 01101111 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101) If you can read the message above than you are who we are looking for. If you cant read it than come hang with us and we will teach you. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Kaplan and meets afterschool on Thursday till 5:30 pm. See Mrs. Kaplan in 7th grade for more information.