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Helpful E-mail Links
From time to time it may become necessary to contact us at McClure.  Teacher e-mails are available on their individual blogs.  Listed below are other helpful e-mail links:

  Kelly Metcalfe, Principal
Mark Winters, Administrator
Mr. Winters works with sixth grade students.
Marikaye Travis, Assistant Principal
Ms. Travis works with seventh grade students.

Andrew Lorentz, Assistant Principal
Mr. Lorentz works with eighth grade students.
  Lori Horn, Special Services Administrator
Silvia Roll, School Counselor
Ms. Roll works with 504's, student groups and attendance issues

Wendy Lozo, Guidance Counselor
Ms. Lozo works with students whose last names begin with the letters A through K.

Stacye Sledge, Counselor
Ms. Sledge works with students whose last names begin with the letters L through Z.
  Sherry Seabolt, Guidance/School Clerk
E-mail Seabolt for registration issues, or for getting assignments for your student when they are absent.  Ms. Aycock can also help you get a new ParentVue account set up.
  Regina Aycock, Pupil Personal Clerk
E-mail Ms. Harden about attendance issues, transportation issues, and work/learner permits

  Donna Denis, Bookkeeper
E-mail Ms. Denis about financial issues

Jodi Edwards, School Nurse
E-mail Ms. Edwards about health issues and concerns

Julie Sharp, Cafeteria Manager
E-mail Ms. Sharp with lunch and mail pay issues.