CCSD News and Press Release Archive

How Schools Work: Attendance

Posted: 8/22/2019

Ana Murphy, Cobb’s Supervisor of School Social Workers, discusses the details of attendance requirements and procedures in Cobb Schools.

Name our New School

Posted: 8/21/2019

We have an exciting opportunity for our friends and supporters of the Cobb County School District.

Rocky Mount Elementary Opens 20-Year-Old Time Capsule

Posted: 8/21/2019

Where were you two decades ago? Current Rocky Mount Elementary School students, of course, had not been born yet. Most of their parents were still in school themselves. 

Statewide Digital Library Expands Cobb’s Students Access to About 15,000 Books

Posted: 8/20/2019

Whether they are at home, at school, or traveling, Cobb students now have access to a digital collection of almost 15,000 electronic and audiobooks for pre-k through fourth grade. 

McCleskey Middle School Teacher Completes National Food Safety and Nutrition Training

Posted: 8/19/2019

Only 36 teachers nationwide recently completed a food science training program developed and implemented in a partnership between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and Graduate School USA.  

School Buses Keep Our Students Safe

Posted: 8/17/2019

The beginning of the school year brings many ‘firsts’ for students, teachers, and parents across the county. For our youngest students, in Kindergarten and First Grade, one of those firsts is riding the school bus.

Ceremonial Groundbreaking Builds Excitement for New Harmony Leland Clay Replacement School

Posted: 8/15/2019

A state-of-the-art educational facility at the heart of the Mableton community is beginning to take shape. In Fall 2020, the new replacement school will welcome about 1,000 students from Clay Elementary School and Harmony Elementary school. 

How Schools Work: Can My Student Be Part of an IB or Magnet Program?

Posted: 8/15/2019

Dr. Kutcher provides an overview of the Magnet programs in Cobb Schools and useful insights for parents and students.

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: Brad Wheeler, Post 7

Posted: 8/14/2019

I’m looking forward to another great school year including recognizing our students and staff members on their many achievements throughout the school year.

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: Charisse Davis, Post 6

Posted: 8/13/2019

I have been so impressed with all of the Cobb team members, and not just those in the classroom, who take the time to really get to know and care about students and encourage them to be the best they can be.

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: David Banks, Post 5

Posted: 8/12/2019

The Cobb County School District, under the leadership of Superintendent Chris Ragsdale, has been an innovative leader on how teaching, leading, and learning is implemented.

Great Start to the New School Year: Superintendent Ragsdale

Posted: 8/10/2019

Students across the Cobb County School District returned to school on August 1, and they are already back in the classroom routines that led to a successful 2018-2019 school year.  

Back to School with Board Member David Banks

Posted: 8/9/2019

Board Member David Banks discusses his experiences as a member of the Cobb County School Board.

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: David Chastain, Post 4

Posted: 8/8/2019

I am amazed that an organization with 18,000 employees, serving 112,000 students, is able to maintain the agility and flexibility to allocate resources to support our mission at a relatively low cost compared to neighboring school districts.

Board Members Welcome Students Back

Posted: 8/6/2019

Throughout the school year, members of the Cobb County School District Board of Education pop in and out of schools visiting with students, staff, and parents. 

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: Dr. Jaha Howard, Post 2

Posted: 8/5/2019

I am looking forward to challenging ourselves as a district to intentionally strive for excellence in every area of education.

Cobb Schools Board Member Q&A: Randy Scamihorn, Post 1

Posted: 8/4/2019

It is always an honor when I’m able to help our parents and grandparents solve issues they encountered in our schools and school system.

What You Need to Know for the New School Year

Posted: 8/3/2019

We are excited to welcome students back to Cobb Schools. As shown by the most recent Georgia Milestone scores, where Cobb students outperformed their peers across the state and the metro, Cobb is the best place to teach, lead, and learn,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

Cobb First in Metro on the GA Milestones!

Posted: 8/3/2019

Students in the Cobb County School District increased their scores on the Georgia Milestones in the 2018-2019 school year, outpacing their peers across the state by 7.4 to 9.4 percentage points in all subject areas. 

Back to School: Q&A with Superintendent Chris Ragsdale

Posted: 8/1/2019

Cobb Schools’ Superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, discusses the past school year, preparations over the Summer break and the upcoming school year.

Cobb Kindergarten Students Catch First Bus Ride

Posted: 8/1/2019

Joined by their parents, the youngest riders across the Cobb County School District took a dry run on the yellow buses ahead of the first day of school on August 1.  

REWIND: Everything You Need to Know for Getting Your Student to School

Posted: 7/31/2019

Cobb Schools’ Executive Director of Transportation Rick Grisham discusses school bus transportation for your students.

Where’s the bus? Here’s All the info on How to Prepare Bus Riders for 2019-20 School Year

Posted: 7/31/2019

In preparation for the new school year, take a moment to review the new bus routes, which are now available here.

REWIND: Keeping Parents Informed for Students’ Bus Safety

Posted: 7/31/2019

Cobb Schools’ Executive Director of Transportation announces a powerful tool to help keep students’ commutes safe.

Cobb County Police, Firefighters Team Up with Dowell Elementary Special Needs Students for Game of Kickball

Posted: 7/31/2019

It has become an annual event that Dowell Elementary School special needs students, Cobb County Police, and Cobb County Firefighters look forward to every year. 

Superintendent Ragsdale Surprises Cobb’s Top Teachers of the Year

Posted: 7/31/2019

Teachers in Cobb Schools returned to the classroom Wednesday to kick off planning for the new school year. 

REWIND: Day One in Elementary School

Posted: 7/30/2019

Two of Cobb’s elementary school principals offer their insights to making the first day of school successful for our students.

REWIND: Day One in Middle School

Posted: 7/30/2019

Two of Cobb’s middle school principals offer their insights to making the first day of school successful for our students.

REWIND: Day One in High School

Posted: 7/30/2019

One of Cobb’s Assistant Superintendents of High Schools, a former high school principal, offers insights for making the first day of school successful for our students.

REWIND: Everything You need to Know About the Food Your Student Eats

Posted: 7/30/2019

Cobb Schools’ Executive Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Ms. Emily Hanlin, answers key food-related questions for parents to help their students succeed in school.

Wheeler High Students Step into Careers Over Summer Break

Posted: 7/29/2019

Two Wheeler High School students recently got a glimpse of the day-to-day excitement of a career in technology when they participated in the WIT Job Shadow program.

3 New National Merit Scholars Makes Total of 41 for Cobb Schools in 2019

Posted: 7/27/2019

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) recently announced the names of 3 more students from the Cobb County School District who earned National Merit Scholarships financed by U.S. colleges and universities. 

Cobb Schools Communications Department Wins National, International Awards

Posted: 7/25/2019

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals recently announced the winners of their 2019 international awards competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing, and design of traditional and emerging media.

Cobb County School District Welcomes 1,000+ New Educators

Posted: 7/24/2019

This past Wednesday, a new group of Cobb educators walked onto the campus of McEachern High School to learn the foundational elements for teaching and learning in the Cobb County School District.  

New Principal Profile Q&A: Tommy Perry, South Cobb High School

Posted: 7/23/2019

Every student’s path to success is unique and based on their individual needs, but as long as they reach their finish line, that is success.

Cobb Schools Millage Rate Hasn't Risen In Almost 20 Years

Posted: 7/21/2019

After holding three public hearings, the Cobb County School District Board of Education voted to maintain the general fund millage rate of 18.90 mills.

The U.S. Department of Education asks Cobb for Clarification on Georgia’s Assessment Application

Posted: 7/20/2019

Earlier today, the Cobb County School District received notification from the Georgia Department of Education that Georgia’s IADA (Alternative Assessment) application had been approved and that 3 assessment models would be used concurrently across the state for the next 5 years.

Lassiter High Graduates Win Congressional Art Competition

Posted: 7/19/2019

Visitors to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. can now see the work of Lassiter High School graduate Holly Mostyn.

It’s Back to School Time: Leadership Kickoff Event Inspires Principals, Administrators

Posted: 7/18/2019

Students may spend the last few weeks splashing in the pool, going on adventures at camp, and sleeping past 7:00 a.m., but school principals are already in back-to-school mode. 

New Principal Profile Q&A: William Dryden, Frey Elementary School

Posted: 7/17/2019

Frey has a well-established tradition of excellence in academics as developed through an outstanding faculty and staff, and from a robust involvement of parents and the local business community. I’m ready to join the team and do my part!

600+ Educators Turn Out for Cobb’s STEMapalooza Conference

Posted: 7/16/2019

The Makey Makey workshop equips teachers, not only with their own circuit kit to use in their classroom but also with knowledge about how to use the technology to teach fifth-grade electricity standards. 

New Principal Profile Q&A: Kristie Brown, Garrett Middle School

Posted: 7/15/2019

I’m very proud and excited to join the Garrett Middle School community and continue down the school’s road of success.

Cobb Schools Hosts Tech Conference for Hundreds of Educators

Posted: 7/14/2019

Smart boards, laptops, and tablets have transformed classrooms into digital learning environments.

Simpson Middle School Earns First Cobb Schools STEAM Certification, Continues Cobb’s Tradition as a STEM Leader

Posted: 7/13/2019

The Cobb County School District has awarded Cobb STEM certifications to 25 schools. Cooper Middle School earned the first STEM certification in 2016.

Cobb Schools Budget Presentation Earns International Business Award, Praise for Fiscal Integrity

Posted: 7/12/2019

The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) recently recognized the Cobb County School District for excellence in a budget presentation by awarding the Meritorious Budget Award (MBA) for the 2018–2019 budget year.

Cobb Schools Wins Georgia’s Top Transportation Safety Award

Posted: 7/12/2019

 The Cobb County School District was one of the 16 Georgia school systems recognized for going above and beyond to ensure safe and efficient student transportation.  

Bank of America Selects McEachern High School Student for Student Leader Program

Posted: 7/10/2019

Bank of America recently announced the names of five high school juniors and seniors from the Atlanta region that will serve this year as Student Leaders (#BofAStudentLeaders). 

New Principal Profile Q&A: Dr. Peter Giles, Kell High School

Posted: 7/7/2019

Coming to Kell High School is an opportunity for me to come back home to the Longhorn Nation!

Cobb Schools Maintenance Department Keeps Cobb Schools Running, Ready to Serve Students

Posted: 12/28/2018

Members of the Cobb Schools Maintenance and Operations Department are the unsung heroes who repair leaks, mow, edge, and hedge. 

Mableton Elementary Students Explore Careers, One Launches YouTube Career

Posted: 12/21/2018

Mableton Elementary School is Cobb STEM Certified, State STEAM Certified, and is AdvancED STEM Certified—the internationally recognized mark of quality for STEM schools and programs. 

Award-Winning Author Inspires Cheatham Hill Elementary Students with her Storytelling

Posted: 12/19/2018

Ask any elementary teacher and they will talk about how their students love guest readers, especially visiting authors.

Cobb Teachers Pitch Innovative Ideas, Win $74,000 in Cobb Tank Grants

Posted: 12/18/2018

It’s not every day that visitors see furry bunnies inside the Cobb County School District Board Room, but Peter, Paul, and Harry the bunnies were there for a special reason—to advocate for their student friends at Baker Elementary School 

How Schools Work: A Q&A with Board Member Brad Wheeler

Posted: 12/17/2018

Board Member Brad Wheeler discusses his experience on the Cobb School Board.

Board Recognitions December 2018

Posted: 12/16/2018

Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements are included with the photos below.  

Lockheed Martin Supports Cobb STEM Education, Awards Cobb $90,000 in Innovation Grants

Posted: 12/14/2018

Thanks to $90,000 in innovation grants from Lockheed Martin, the Cobb County School District will further cement itself as a leader in science, technology, engineering, and math education. 

How Fair Oaks Elementary Prepares Students, Families for Success

Posted: 12/12/2018

As part of their Educational Day, the 2019 Leadership Cobb Class recently toured Fair Oaks Elementary School where they heard about the steps the school is taking to build a foundation of learning for the students and their families. 

Russell Elementary Students Learn While Giving Back

Posted: 12/10/2018

During December, schools across the Cobb County School District collect food to donate to those in need. 

A Parade of Cultures: Campbell High School Students Learn from Each Other

Posted: 12/9/2018

Spin a globe and point to a place. There’s a good chance that the dot on the globe, or a nearby area, has a connection to at least one Campbell High School student. 

Supporting Your Student with Autism, Dyslexia or Other Disability

Posted: 12/7/2018

Susan Christensen and Laurel Kinard discuss CCSD support for special needs students.

How Schools Work: Winter Weather

Posted: 12/7/2018

John Adams discusses how the decision closing schools due to inclement weather is made.

Lassiter-Pope-Kell’s NJROTC Recognized for Community Service

Posted: 12/5/2018

Because of their dedication to community beautification, students in the Lassiter-Pope-Kell (LPK) NJROTC program earned the title of Adopt-a-Mile Youth Group of the Year by Keep Cobb Beautiful. 

Registering Cobb Students Just Got Easier Thanks to New Online Registration Option

Posted: 12/4/2018

In order to simplify the process and make it more convenient for parents, the Cobb County School District is launching an online registration option for new students at seven proof of concept schools...

Bullard Elementary: A STEM Showcase

Posted: 12/3/2018

What is STEM? What is a STEM school? What do STEM lessons teach students? To find the answers, simply walk into Bullard Elementary School... 

Cobb High School Students Team Up to Open Food Pantry at Milford Elementary School

Posted: 11/29/2018

Many schools throughout the Cobb County School District have food pantries to help students and families in need.

Cobb Teachers Rank Among the Best in Georgia

Posted: 11/27/2018

There’s a reason why Cobb students continue to excel year after year. Some of Georgia’s Best Teachers work in the Cobb County School District.  

Cobb Students Give Back for Thanksgiving

Posted: 11/21/2018

Here in the Cobb County School District, our students are giving of themselves to help their fellow students and those in need.

Cobb Schools Transportation Department Drives to the Rescue of Cobb Family in Need

Posted: 11/20/2018

Not all heroes wear capes, some heroes drive school buses.  

Brumby Elementary, MUST Ministries to Serve Families in Need with New Food Pantry

Posted: 11/19/2018

Students in Aiden’s Target class may have shared their classmate’s view of the world before they joined the Pantry Pals team to help stock the shelves of Brumby’s new food pantry.  

Cobb County School Board Approves Legislative Priorities for 2019

Posted: 11/16/2018

Mapping out how the state of Georgia is able to positively impact student achievement, the Cobb County School District Board of Education approved the district’s legislative priorities for 2019 during the November 15 meeting.  

Zep Donates School Supplies to Bryant Elementary School

Posted: 11/15/2018

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes that means community organizations coming forward to donate supplies to help students succeed in school.   

Cobb Schools Honor Veterans

Posted: 11/14/2018

“Dear Veteran, I admire you because you risked your life just for us, and I’m thankful for that…” 

The Classroom of the Future is Here!

Posted: 11/13/2018

John Floresta and Marc Smith discuss the many facets of technology supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.

Cobb Schools Enhances Retirement Programs, Reduces Investment Fees

Posted: 11/9/2018

The Cobb County School District is pleased to announce upcoming improvements to the district’s 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans.

OutTeach, Target, AT&T Volunteers Unearth New School Garden at Acworth Elementary School

Posted: 11/8/2018

Rewind two months and the area along Cantrell Road outside of Acworth Elementary School was a quiet green space, disconnected from where students were actively learning. 

Dickerson Middle School Students Collect Books for Students Impacted by Hurricane Florence

Posted: 11/7/2018

When Hurricane Florence whipped through North Carolina, one middle school lost more than 3,500 books to flooding and mold.

Simpson Middle School Students Hold Cardboard Regatta

Posted: 11/6/2018

As the Simpson Middle School students timidly stepped into their cardboard-crafted boats, their faces said it all—will it float?

Cobb County School District Honored for Farm to School Excellence at 2018 Golden Radish Awards

Posted: 11/5/2018

The Cobb County School District once again won Gold recognition at the 2018 Golden Radish Awards held at the Georgia Freight Depot.

Cobb Schools Host Student Safety Town Hall at Lassiter High School

Posted: 11/1/2018

Keeping students and staff safe is the number one priority of the Cobb County School District.

Garrett Middle School Partners with MUST Ministries to Open Food Pantry

Posted: 11/1/2018

During the opening of the 30th MUST Ministries school food pantry, President and CEO Dr. Dwight “Ike” Reighard recounted a story he heard from a Cobb principal. 

Brumby Elementary Students Turn Entrepreneurs, Open Donut Shops

Posted: 10/30/2018

The aroma of freshly baked donuts welcomed students and staff who stepped down the stairs of Brumby Elementary School. 

Using Data for Student Learning

Posted: 10/30/2018

Drs. Ehsan Kattoula and Casey Jones discuss how they use the data collected in schools each day to help our students learn.

Cobb Students Demonstrate Content Mastery on CCRPI

Posted: 10/29/2018

 With a 79.6, Cobb schools topped the state CCRPI average by 3 points. A total of 19 Cobb schools had CCRPI scores above 90. 

Georgia’s First Lady Emphasizes the Importance of Early Literacy, Steps in as Guest Reader for Cobb Students

Posted: 10/26/2018

Despite her packed schedule committing her to appointments across the state, Georgia’s First Lady Sandra Deal made it a priority to visit four Cobb elementary schools.

How Schools Work: A Conversation with Board Member David Chastain

Posted: 10/25/2018

Cobb School Board Member, David Chastain, discusses his perspective on issues relating to Cobb County Schools.

Cobb Celebrates Teachers of the Year with Rockin’ Pep Rally

Posted: 10/25/2018

If a teacher in Cobb County ever daydreamed about being a rock star and stepping on stage to a roaring crowd of fans, they don’t have to go on “American Idol” or travel the globe with a famous band. They just have to stand out for doing what they do every day—helping kids succeed. 

Cobb County Student SAT Scores Increase Again

Posted: 10/25/2018

Continuing the trend from prior years, Cobb County School District students once again scored higher on the SAT than their peers!

Georgia Department of Education Awards FastTrack Grant to Fund CTAE Lab at Harrison High School

Posted: 10/24/2018

The Georgia Department of Education recently awarded a FastTrack grant to the Cobb County School District to support an audio/video technology and film lab at Harrison High School.

Powder Springs Elementary Students Demonstrate Learning through Arts Integration

Posted: 10/24/2018

When Superintendent Chris Ragsdale stepped into a fourth-grade classroom at Powder Springs Elementary School, students gathered around a table and role played as colonists to explore the historical causes of the Revolutionary War. 

Cobb Schools to Host Student Safety Town Hall at Lassiter High School

Posted: 10/23/2018

The Cobb County School District (CCSD) will host a town hall meeting regarding student safety at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, October 25 inside Lassiter High School’s Concert Hall.  Members of Cobb’s own school police department and district leadership will discuss the unique ways the district works to ensure the safety of teachers and students every day.

How Schools Work: A Conversation with School Board Member Scott Sweeney

Posted: 10/22/2018

Cobb School Board Member, Scott Sweeney, discusses his perspective on issues relating to Cobb County Schools.

Cobb Schools to Roll Out New Parent Portal in January

Posted: 10/19/2018

During the October 18 Board of Education meeting, Cobb County School District leaders discussed the January launch of a new parent portal—CTLS Parent—that will show parents what their child knows and provide resources to help their child master other content areas.

Milford Elementary Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted: 10/18/2018

From Cuba and the Dominican Republic to Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico, Milford Elementary School students took a trip around Latin America without even leaving Cobb County. 

Cobb ACT Scores Top State, Nation for 13th Straight Year

Posted: 10/17/2018

Like last year and the year before that, Cobb County School District students posted ACT scores above the state and national average. This is the thirteenth consecutive year that Cobb’s graduating class has topped their peers around the country.

Cobb Community Honors Cobb Schools Teacher of the Year Fred Veeder

Posted: 10/17/2018

Standing on the stage of Marietta’s Strand Theater, Fred Veeder recounted a time when his college professor started crying as he told his students how much they meant to him.

Griffin Middle School gets Class of 2023 Excited for High School

Posted: 10/16/2018

This time next year, current Griffin Middle School eighth graders will be attending classes at either Campbell High School or Osborne High School. Their middle school days will be behind them, and their graduation in front of them. 

Brumby Elementary Makes Students Strong4Life

Posted: 10/15/2018

What if kids cheered about eating their vegetables? What if kids celebrated at the suggestion of tossing their sugary drinks in favor of water? What if kids squealed with excitement about trying new foods? 

Cobb County School District Leads the Conversation to Say Goodbye to End-of-Year Tests, Opts to Pilot a Student-Focused Assessment System with National Potential

Posted: 10/12/2018

The Cobb County School District’s educational leaders decided to develop the district’s own assessment system to empower teachers, demonstrate learning, provide accountability, realign instructional time, and lead the way in transforming the education system.

What is Student Success?

Posted: 10/8/2018

If student success can’t be measured by a single test grade or a single grade in a class, then what can we turn to, to understand what success is?

Hillgrove High Band Members Build Relationships with Compton Elementary Students

Posted: 10/4/2018

Students at Compton Elementary School were making new friends. Their new friends pulled up to the school in a yellow bus from Hillgrove High School ready to show the Compton students “What the World Needs Now.” 

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts Presents ‘Step Back in Time’

Posted: 10/4/2018

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts (CCCEPA) magnet program at Pebblebrook High School presents a “Step Back in Time” at 7:30 p.m. October 5-6 and at 3:00 p.m. October 7 inside the Cobb County Civic Center’s Jennie T. Anderson Theatre.

South Cobb High School and the HBCU Experience

Posted: 10/3/2018

South Cobb High School will host the school’s second annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Panel for parents and students at 6:00 p.m. on October 10 in the South Cobb Theater.  

Cobb Musicians March into Annual Band Exhibition

Posted: 10/2/2018

Young musicians from across Cobb County will put their collective talents on display at the annual Cobb-Marietta Marching Band Exhibition on October 8 and October 15 starting at 7 p.m. each night.

Kids Helping Kids: Lost Mountain Middle School Students Raise $27,000 to Battle Childhood Cancer

Posted: 10/1/2018

Jennifer Dawson thinks her Lost Mountain Middle School students can change in the world, and they know it.

Riverside Intermediate Spreads Literacy, Opens Little Lending Libraries

Posted: 9/30/2018

Even when school is not in session, Riverside Intermediate School students will have access to books. 

What is CobbMetrics?

Posted: 9/26/2018

What is CobbMetrics? Find out here...

Fair Oaks Elementary, Northwest Exterminating Partner to Launch Family Literacy Program

Posted: 9/21/2018

Fair Oaks Elementary School and Northwest Exterminating have partnered together to develop the Northwest Eagle Literacy Program, an innovative bilingual program.

Graduation Rate Hits All-Time High!

Posted: 9/20/2018

“Our commitment to the success of each student has helped Cobb continue to increase the number of students who graduate and are prepared to win outside of the classroom."  -- Superintendent Chris Ragsdale

Graduation Rate Offers Evidence of Cobb Excellence

Posted: 9/20/2018

The Cobb County School District’s graduation rate has continually outpaced the state’s growth, even as Georgia’s rate has steadily climbed, year-after-year since 2015.

Cobb Schools Honors the Classified Employees of the Year

Posted: 9/19/2018

Our Classified Employees of the Year represent the departments that make it possible for our teachers to do what they do in the classroom. I can’t thank them enough,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

How Schools Work: Cobb’s Innovative Assessment Model

Posted: 9/18/2018

The Cobb School District’s Chief Strategy and Accountability Officer, John Floresta, discusses the implications of the new assessment model innovation in Cobb Schools.

Acworth Elementary Community Designs New School Garden 

Posted: 9/17/2018

Teachers, students, and parents came together recently at a Design and Dine event to share their vision for the new Acworth Elementary School outdoor garden, which will be designed and built thanks to the school’s partnership with Out Teach. 

Literacy in Cobb – Building a Foundation for Student Success

Posted: 9/13/2018

The Cobb County School District is dedicated to the success of each and every one of our students, and we know that success begins with literacy.

80 Cobb High School Seniors Named Semifinalists for National Merit Scholarships

Posted: 9/12/2018

On September 12, officials for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the names of approximately 16,000 semifinalists in the 64th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Eighty of this year’s semifinalists attend a Cobb County School District high school.

What Student Success Is Not

Posted: 9/11/2018

Do you know what the Cobb County School District motto is? 

One Team. One Goal. Student Success. 

The Cobb County School District Applies to GaDOE to Lead the Way in Assessment

Posted: 9/10/2018

In the Cobb County School District, teachers know that students are more than a test score.

A Conversation with Superintendent Ragsdale

Posted: 9/7/2018

The Superintendent of Cobb County School District discusses the excitement of the new school year and developments on the horizon. Mr. Ragsdale also tells listeners about the growing budget challenges and how you can be a part of keeping Cobb as the best place to teach, lead and learn.

How Your Tax Dollars Support the Classroom

Posted: 9/7/2018

The Cobb School District’s Chief Financial Officer, Brad Johnson, discusses the fiscal issues which impact our students’ education in the classroom.

Important Dual Enrollment Summit for Parents and Students Coming in September

Posted: 9/6/2018

Did you know that your student can earn college credit while enrolled in a Cobb County School District high school?

Empowering Students for our Digital World

Posted: 9/5/2018

In the Cobb County School District, educators work as one team to prepare digital age learners for success with the help of classroom resources, data-driven instruction, access to digital resources outside of the classroom, and by promoting digital citizenship.  

Diversity: Cobb Leads

Posted: 8/31/2018

The Cobb County School District is the 23rd largest district in the country and is one of the most diverse counties in the nation with new residents moving into the county every day.

CCSD Graduation/Commencement Information

Posted: 8/30/2018

Commencement ceremonies will be held at the dates, times, and venues listed below. 

New Study Ranks Cobb as the Best Big School District in Georgia

Posted: 8/29/2018

With more Americans on the move than at any other time in history, research studies like the one recently undertaken by are more valuable than ever before. Niche recently published a study ranking school districts from across the nation on a variety of criteria. The study finds that no other large district – meaning, any district over 45,000 students – consistently provides the quality of service and outcome that The Cobb County School District does.

Committed to Serving Each and Every Child

Posted: 8/28/2018

"Cobb really is a school system where we are one team with one goal, student success. It doesn’t matter how the student comes to us we are going to do everything we can to ensure student success. This is the best place to teach, lead, and learn."

The Safest Way to Get Your Kids to School

Posted: 8/28/2018

What is the safest way to transport your precious children to and from school each day?

Smyrna & Brumby Elementary Students Receive FREE Back-in-School Eye Exams!

Posted: 8/27/2018

When one Brumby Elementary School student put on his new glasses, he started to cry. The first thing he said was, ‘I can see! I can really see!’”

What Does Your Student Really Know? CTLS Changes Everything

Posted: 8/24/2018

Chief Academic Officer, Jennifer Lawson, is today's guest on The Cobb County School District podcast. She explains why CTLS is a "game-changer" for parents in Cobb County.

The Cobb County School District Recognizes 16 Teachers for Their Commitment to STEM Education

Posted: 8/23/2018

The Cobb County School District recently presented 16 teachers with the Cobb STEM Distinguished Educator Award.

Board Recognitions August 2018

Posted: 8/23/2018

Note: The following photos were taken at the Cobb County School Board Meeting on August 16, 2018. Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements are included with the photos below.  

The Cobb County School District's Manageable Growth

Posted: 8/17/2018

As the 2018-2019 school year begins, classrooms across the district continue to be well-balanced and safe environments for 113,000 students.

Cobb County School Board Meeting Spotlights Georgia Milestones Achievements

Posted: 8/17/2018

During the first meeting of the 2018-2019 school year, members of the Cobb County Board of Education praised Cobb students across the District for their recent success on Georgia Milestones.

Cobb Mentoring Matters is Off to a Great Start!

Posted: 8/16/2018

Cobb Mentoring Matters (CMM) the districts own flagship mentoring program is off to a great start for the 2018-2019 school year with 18 new mentors that have “Joined the Movement”.

Cobb County School District Alum makes a Difference

Posted: 8/13/2018

Julian Butler is making The Cobb County School District proud as he makes a difference in our local community.

This is The Cobb County School District

Posted: 8/10/2018

The Cobb County School District is excited for 2018-2019. Our teachers and kids are ready for the new school year, and 2018-2019 promises to be our best year yet. One Team. One Goal. Student Success.

Superintendent Ragsdale Honors the District Teacher of the Year 

Posted: 8/10/2018

“I wish that every teacher in the world could feel the way I do today.” That’s how Dodgen Middle School teacher Fred Veeder reacted to learning that he is the Cobb County School District Teacher of the Year. 

Cobb Students Wrap Up Successful First Week of School 

Posted: 8/10/2018

By now, Cobb County School District school staff have already dished up 500,000 lunches, and Cobb’s yellow buses have traveled more than 300,000 miles. 

Exceptional Cobb: Kidtalk 2018 Winner Wows with Inspiring Speech

Posted: 8/9/2018

The 2018 Kidtalk winner and East Side Elementary School first grader, Siddhant Ajit Mahapatra, had the opportunity to speak to every educator in the Cobb County School District in July.

Three Cobb Schools Recognized as National PTA Schools of Excellence

Posted: 8/8/2018

The National PTA organization recently named three Cobb schools as Schools of Excellence for 2018-2020... 

Using Cutting-edge Technology to Keep Your Student Safe

Posted: 8/8/2018

The police chief of the Cobb Schools Police Department discusses Cobb’s commitment to the safety of students and staff and how the department leverages technology to make that happen.

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 8/6/2018

We have an exciting opportunity for our friends and supporters of the Cobb County School District.

East Cobb Middle, Brumby Elementary Schools Cut Ribbons on New School Buildings

Posted: 8/1/2018

Thanks to voter-approved Education SPLOST funds, Cobb County School District (CCSD) staff, and community members cut the ribbons on new school buildings for Brumby Elementary and East Cobb Middle.

Cobb Horizon High School Opens Doors

Posted: 8/1/2018

Across the county, CCSD staff also cut the ribbon on the district’s new high school—Cobb Horizon High School. The new high school is the result of Oakwood Digital Academy and the Cobb Performance Learning Center (PLC) merging into one school.

Cobb Kindergarten, First Grade Students Take First Bus Ride

Posted: 8/1/2018

Kindergarten includes a lot of firsts for students. One of those experiences is a student’s first ride on the yellow school bus.

Back to School: Everything You Need to Know For Day One in High School

Posted: 7/31/2018

One of Cobb’s Assistant Superintendents of High Schools, a former high school principal, offers insights for making the first day of school successful for our students.

Back to School: Everything You Need to Know for Day One in Middle School

Posted: 7/31/2018

Two of Cobb’s middle school principals offer their insights to making the first day of school a success for our students.

Back to School: Everything You Need to Know for Day One in Elementary School

Posted: 7/31/2018

Two of Cobb’s elementary school principals offer their insights to making the first day of school a success for our students.

Cobb High Schools Score Highest in the Metro Area in 7 out of 8 Subject Areas

Posted: 7/30/2018

The Cobb County School District is proud to announce that our High Schools have once again proven their excellence and scored higher than our peers in 7 out of 8 subject areas on the Georgia Milestones!

Back to School Fact Sheet for Parents

Posted: 7/29/2018

Hey Parents, here's a handy Fact Sheet that will help you better understand The Cobb County School District!

Cobb Students Excel on Georgia Milestones in 2017-2018

Posted: 7/28/2018

Cobb County School District (CCSD) students have once again outshined their peers statewide on the Georgia Milestones during the 2017–2018 school year.

Cobb Superintendent Surprises Teacher of the Year Level Winners

Posted: 7/26/2018

It’s one of Superintendent Chris Ragsdale’s favorite times of the year and it often includes laughter, applause, hugs, flowers, balloons, shocked faces, and even some tears. It’s the day Superintendent Ragsdale walks into three schools…

Posted: 7/20/2018

Posted: 7/20/2018

Posted: 7/20/2018

Important “Back to School” Bus Route Info for 2018-19 Now Available

Posted: 7/19/2018

2018-2019 CCSD bus routes for the new school year are available on the CCSD website. Bus runs and maps will be posted at the local school for review two weeks prior to the first day of school.

Back to School: Everything You Need to Know about Getting Your Student to School

Posted: 7/19/2018

Guests: Mr. Rick Grisham, Executive Director of Transportation Mr. John Lyles, Associate Director of Transportation 01:12 Bus Routes 02:15 Bus Route Adjustments 03:12 Driver Training 04:19 Finding Good Drivers 07:04 Our Youngest Riders 10:10 Cobb…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Adam Hill, Dickerson Middle School

Posted: 7/12/2018

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Dickerson school community? Answer: “I am thrilled to come back to East Cobb! After serving Timber Ridge Elementary for five years, I know this community and our…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Donna Long, Shallowford Falls Elementary School

Posted: 7/12/2018

Question: Why are you excited about joining this school community? Answer: “I am excited to join this school community because I have heard such wonderful things about it. It is a great community of supportive…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Laura Meyer, Nickajack Elementary School

Posted: 7/12/2018

Question: What do you want your new school family to know about you? Answer: “I have served in Cobb for many, many years as a teacher and a leader. I just feel proud to be…

State of the District (Federal Programs)

Posted: 7/11/2018

All parents are invited to hear the latest updates from the CCSD Federal Programs, as well as review and provide input into the Local Education Agency Improvement Plan including Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy.

New Principal Profile Q&A: Maria Clark, East Side Elementary

Posted: 7/9/2018

Question: What does the future of your new school look like under your leadership? Answer: “East Side will continue the excellence that is already present there. They have an active school community and active parental…

Cobb Schools Transportation Department Wins Top Awards, Again

Posted: 7/9/2018

They’re responsible for safely transporting the majority of Cobb County School District students to and from school each day. They’re the first school staff members to greet most students every morning, and often times, the…

State Of The District Meeting

Posted: 6/28/2018

We will be discussing and gathering your feedback for the District Improvement Plan; including the Title I Family & Community Engagement Policy. Both detail interventions for improvement and are revised each school year. 

The next stakeholders meeting will be Thursday, July 19th at 3:00 pm at the Rose Garden Educational Center located at 1870 Teasley Drive, Smyrna in the Multipurpose Room. 

We hope you’ll join us and provide your input on this important work!  

If you are unable to attend, click here add your input for the District Improvement Plan.  

Any questions, please contact the Title I Department at 770-437-5933. Thank you for your attendance! 

National Watch D.O.G.S. Program Recognizes Bullard Elementary for Family Engagement

Posted: 6/27/2018

The national school engagement program, Watch Dads of Great Students (Watch D.O.G.S.), recently recognized Bullard Elementary School for exceptional performance in family engagement.  Watch D.O.G.S. volunteers aim to provide positive male role models for students,…

Posted: 6/25/2018

Hundreds of Metro Atlanta Teachers Return to Classrooms to Learn about STEM at Cobb Schools’ STEMapalooza

Posted: 6/25/2018

They came from as far away as Mississippi and Louisiana to learn how the Cobb County School District (CCSD) encourages students to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Instead of spending…

Superintendent Ragsdale Extends Student Access to Educational Resources Through Partnership with Cobb County Public Library System

Posted: 6/21/2018

Thanks to a partnership between the Cobb County School District (CCSD), Marietta City Schools, and the Cobb County Public Library System, Cobb students no longer need an extra card to access the digital and print…

Wheeler High School Students Showcase Skills at STEAM Symposium

Posted: 6/21/2018

As Wheeler High School student Sofiya Vyshnya showed elementary students how to care for a broken bone, administer CPR, and take blood pressure, she may have been influencing a younger version of herself to pursue…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Karen Carstens, Tritt Elementary School

Posted: 6/18/2018

Question: What do you want your new school family to know about you and why you are excited to join them? Answer: “My vision of school leadership centers on the word HEART. My goal will…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Dr. Catherine Mallanda, Walton High School

Posted: 6/18/2018

Question: Why are you excited about being the new principal of Walton High School? Answer: “I’ve been a student, a teacher, an administrator, and now, I’m lucky to be the principal at Walton. This is…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Sara Griffin, Sprayberry High School

Posted: 6/18/2018

Question: How do you envision Sprayberry High School under your leadership? Answer: “It will have strong academics. There will be a balance for kids and the staff, and I will make sure the students are well-rounded…

New Principal Profile Q&A: James Rawls, Daniell Middle School

Posted: 6/18/2018

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Daniell Middle School community? Answer: “I’m excited about joining the Daniell community because I’m a student-centered leader. I believe in a student-first approach. I’m excited to be…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Matthew Moody, North Cobb High School

Posted: 6/18/2018

Question: Why are you excited to serve as principal of North Cobb High School? Answer: “I’m really excited about where we are going with North Cobb. North Cobb has an outstanding staff that I have…

New Principal Profile Q&A: Dean Yoder, Fair Oaks Elementary

Posted: 6/17/2018

Question: What do you want your new school family to know about you and why you are excited to join them? Answer: “I am dedicated to making Fair Oaks the best school in Cobb County…

CTAE Recognizes Career Tech Students with Oscars-Like Awards Night

Posted: 6/17/2018

Just like celebrities do for the Academy Awards, a select group of Cobb County School District (CCSD) high school and middle school students walked the red carpet toward an Oscars-like Awards Night. The CCSD Career,…

Cobb Schools, Teachers Recognized for Keeping Cobb Green

Posted: 6/13/2018

Together hundreds of teachers dedicated thousands of hours to educating their students about the conservation, preservation, and beautification of the environment. For their work, the Cobb teachers and their schools earned recognition from the Green…

Posted: 6/7/2018

Board Recognitions May 2018

Posted: 6/1/2018

Note: The following photos were taken at the Cobb County School Board Meeting on May 17, 2018. Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements…

NW Metro Atlanta Habitat Awards Scholarships to 4 Cobb High School Students

Posted: 5/31/2018

NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity selected four Cobb County School District students as 2018 annual Chrys Street high school scholarship recipients. This year’s winners include Justin Jones, Campbell High School; Annabelle O’Keefe, Hillgrove High School; Ty Scott, Sprayberry High School;…

Posted: 5/30/2018

Posted: 5/30/2018

Posted: 5/30/2018

Posted: 5/30/2018

Barber Middle School Students Race Underwater Robots

Posted: 5/29/2018

Before school let out for the summer, students used soldering irons, PVC pipe cutters, and drills to build underwater robots. The Barber Middle School eighth graders built the remotely operated vehicles (ROV) from scratch with…

Brumby Elementary Students Compete in State Aquatic Robotics Competition

Posted: 5/29/2018

This year, Brumby Elementary School students designed a waterproof, remotely operated vehicle capable of navigating an underwater obstacle course. They pitted their aquatic robot against middle school teams at the Lee Middle School West Submersible…

Posted: 5/29/2018

Kell High School Robotics Earns Top Award at 2018 FIRST World Championship

Posted: 5/25/2018

The Kell Robotics team recently earned the 2018 Chairman’s Award at the 2018 FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas. This is the highest honor and most prestigious award presented at the FIRST robotics competition. The…

Posted: 5/22/2018

Shallowford Falls Elementary Wins State Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Posted: 5/21/2018

Shallowford Falls Elementary students recently captured first place at the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl in Athens, Georgia. As part of the competition, the students read 18 Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees and memorized details of…

Murdock Elementary School Earns Only Asthma-Friendly School Platinum Designation in Georgia

Posted: 5/21/2018

The American Lung Association and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently presented the Platinum Award to Murdock Elementary School for making asthma-friendly school strides during the 2017-2018 school year. Murdock is the only school in Georgia…

Superintendent Woods Names 15 Cobb Students 2018 Georgia Scholars

Posted: 5/17/2018

The Georgia Department of Education recently recognized 15 Cobb County School District (CCSD) seniors as 2018 Georgia Scholars. Five of the students attend Walton High School and an additional four students represent Hillgrove High School….

King Springs Elementary School Celebrates Three-Time Teacher of the Year as Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Posted: 5/16/2018

What type of advice does a three-time Teacher of the Year give to her students? “Each day I try to instill in my [students] the importance of always giving 110 percent and never thinking that…

Norton Park Elementary School Awarded Grant for Dual Language Immersion Program

Posted: 5/15/2018

The Georgia Foundation for Public Education recently awarded a $2,000 grant to Norton Park Elementary School to help grow the school’s Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program. Out of the 40 DLI school programs in Georgia,…

Pope High School Wind Symphony Performs at Carnegie Hall in New York

Posted: 5/14/2018

Since 1891, Carnegie Hall has been considered the pinnacle of Concert performance, and now the Pope High School Wind Symphony students can count themselves among the Carnegie legends. After a successful audition last year, Pope’s…

King Springs Elementary School Council Paves Path to Griffin Middle School

Posted: 5/14/2018

While King Springs Elementary School teachers were busy preparing fifth grade students for their move to middle school, members of the School Council worked to pave a literal path to Griffin Middle School. During a…

Kell High School Seniors Name Ann Nemeck the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Posted: 5/14/2018

When a group of Kell High School seniors were asked to select the one teacher who had most impacted them, the seniors had a difficult time, at first, choosing only one. After sharing all the…

Cobb Schools Honors 214 Retiring Employees

Posted: 5/11/2018

The Cobb County School District today honored 214 employees who are retiring during the 2017-2018 school year. The annual luncheon provided a backdrop to celebrate the employees for their contributions to the District. Superintendent Chris Ragsdale…

Green Acres Elementary School Students Win Regional Georgia Stock Market Game

Posted: 5/11/2018

In their debut participation in the Georgia Stock Market Game, a team of Green Acres Elementary School students claimed first place. The team won the elementary level of the Spring 2018 Regional and Congressional District…

Kincaid Elementary School Students Celebrate the Arts

Posted: 5/10/2018

Giraffes, zebras, and antelope wandered through the Kincaid Elementary School gym, which helped to bring the “Lion King Jr.,” play to life. In a classroom, students pulled and tugged on the colorful goo dripping from…

Tritt Elementary School Students Awarded for River Cleanup Program

Posted: 5/10/2018

Cobb County Water System’s Watershed Stewardship Program recently recognized Tritt Elementary School students for their years of work cleaning up local waterways. During the annual Rivers Alive luncheon on April 18, Georgia’s Annual Waterway Cleanup…

Cheatham Hill Elementary School Students Serve for a Cause

Posted: 5/10/2018

With baked ziti, meatballs, antipasto, salad, and cupcakes served on red and white table setting combined with portraits of the Mona Lisa and Italian landscape decorating the walls, the Kitchen Kids Café didn’t resemble, or…

Belmont Hills Elementary Recognizes Melissa Harris as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Posted: 5/9/2018

They cried. They laughed. They danced. That’s how fourth grade teacher Melissa Harris and her former student Vicky reacted when Vicky named Harris the Belmont Hills Elementary School Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week. As…

Atlanta Braves Pump Up Sprayberry High School Students

Posted: 5/8/2018

As students ate their lunches and chatted with friends, it appeared to be a typical Monday at Sprayberry High School. That’s until students heard the drumbeats of the Atlanta Braves Heavy Hitters in the distance…

Cobb Celebrates National School Nurse Day

Posted: 5/8/2018

Being a school nurse is often an unsung position. It can be taken for granted that if a student has a swollen ankle or a sore throat they can simply be sent to the nurse….

Cobb Students Win Awards at Georgia Science and Engineering Fair

Posted: 5/8/2018

Cobb Students Win Awards at Georgia Science and Engineering Fair Six Cobb County School District (CCSD) students took home awards from the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF) in Athens, Georgia where their research projects…

Cobb County Schools Celebrate Volunteers of the Year

Posted: 5/8/2018

Each month, they volunteer a combined total of 120 hours inside Cobb Schools. When they see something that needs to be done at the school, they step in to help. They recruit others in the…

Posted: 5/6/2018

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts Presents CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

Posted: 5/3/2018

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts (CCCEPA) magnet program at Pebblebrook High School presents the award-winning hit Broadway musical Catch Me If You Can May 4 & 5 at 8PM and…

Posted: 4/23/2018

Posted: 4/23/2018

J. J. Daniell Middle School Students Dive into Collaborative Learning

Posted: 4/18/2018

Flashback two decades, one decade, or to just a few years ago and students opting to write on their desks, instead of on paper, would be a quick way to upset a teacher. That’s not…

Young Speakers Deliver Inspirational Speeches at Cobb Oratorical Contest for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Posted: 4/18/2018

“Focus on what you can do, accept what you can’t. That’s the root of optimism.” A student delivered those inspirational words during the Cobb County School District’s annual Oratorical Contest for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing…

Lovinggood Middle School Students Take Learning to the Microscopic Level

Posted: 4/16/2018

Lovinggood Middle School student Luke watched as a planarian worm wriggled around inside a petri dish. Luke and his partner practiced cutting the planarian so they could observe how the worm regenerates over a few…

Nicholson Elementary Students Open Businesses, Explore Careers

Posted: 4/13/2018

“I need an order of waffles!” “We need more water at this table.” “What would you like to order?” “Waffles, please.” That’s some of the chatter one may expect to hear inside a Waffle House…

Varner Elementary School Surprises Ashley Webster with Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week Award

Posted: 4/11/2018

“Being a teacher means everything to me. It is everything I ever hoped for. It is everything I ever dreamed of.” Those words from Ashley Webster reflect how the Varner Elementary School teacher felt after…

Dowell Elementary School Celebrates Erin Larkin as the Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Posted: 4/9/2018

“I chose Ms. Larkin because she has always made me a greater student. She inspires me to keep going on to do what I love, and she loves me for who I am.” Those words…

Spring Break

Posted: 3/30/2018

Kennesaw Mountain High School Students Dance with Hundreds of Superheroes from Cobb’s Special Needs Community

Posted: 3/28/2018

Complete with spins, dips, and an array of sizzling dance moves, the Kennesaw Mountain High School gym transformed into a stage reminiscent of ABC-TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Instead of Kim Kardashian, Kellie Pickler, Nick…

CCSD Schools/Offices Closed for Spring Break

Posted: 3/28/2018

All CCSD Schools and Central Offices will close for Spring Break on April 2, 2018, and will re-open on April 9, 2018.

Osborne High School JROTC Academic Leadership Team to Make 11th Trip to Compete in National Championship

Posted: 3/27/2018

During the initial two rounds of competition, the Osborne High School JROTC Academic Leadership Team earned top scores against the 1,320 JROTC teams from around the world. In the fast-paced preliminary rounds of the U.S….

Board Recognitions – March 15, 2018

Posted: 3/26/2018

Note: The following photos were taken at the Cobb County School Board Meeting on March 15, 2018. Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements…

Cobb County School District Students Place in Statewide Technology Competition

Posted: 3/23/2018

Nineteen Cobb County School District (CCSD) students placed at the Georgia Student Technology Competition (GASTC) for their technology projects and competitive technology challenges. The competition was held at Middle Georgia State University in Macon,…

Cobb Schools Host Stop the Bleed Training

Posted: 3/23/2018

In an effort to raise awareness and educate staff to respond in the event of an emergency, the Cobb County School District (CCSD) is holding Stop the Bleed training classes in March. National Stop the…

Lindley Middle School Partners with United Way to Host College and Career Fair for Students, Parents

Posted: 3/23/2018

Lindley Middle School students recently took a LEAP toward their future when they Learn[ed] about Employment and Academic Possibilities during their school’s College and Career Fair. United Way of Cobb County partnered with Lindley Middle…

South Cobb High School Students Host ‘That Girl in the Mirror Seminar’ for Sanders Elementary Students

Posted: 3/22/2018

“Engage the mindsets of the youth to see themselves as beautiful and strong individuals.” That was the goal of the female empowerment seminar for fourth and fifth grade girls at Sanders Elementary School. The following South…

Mountain View Elementary Students Put on Inventor Hats to Solve Everyday Problems

Posted: 3/21/2018

Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and fifth graders at Mountain View Elementary School—what do they all have in common? They are all inventors. Before they debuted their inventions at their school’s…

Griffin Middle School Students Design Apps to Help Their Community

Posted: 3/20/2018

“You have an incredible opportunity with what you are learning at [the goIT program]. I want to encourage you to utilize it.” U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk delivered those words of advice to the Griffin Middle…

Krystal Foundation Awards $2500 Grant to Dickerson Middle School Orchestra

Posted: 3/20/2018

The Krystal Foundation awarded a $2,500 grant to the Dickerson Middle School Orchestra program to promote science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). The school orchestra will use the funds to help integrate music and…

Hightower Trail Middle School Symphonic Band Performs at Georgia Music Educators Association Conference

Posted: 3/20/2018

Out of all the bands that submitted musical recordings, the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) selected only three to perform at its annual conference in Athens, Georgia. Hightower Trail Middle School’s Eighth Grade Symphonic Band…

Kindergarten and new First Grade Enrollment

Posted: 3/20/2018

March 21st from 8:30 am until 11:30 am at your local school will be Kindergarten and new First Grade Enrollment. For more information please see our Enrollment and Immunization page.


Posted: 3/19/2018

Due to the threat of severe weather, all evening activities for Monday, March 19, are cancelled.

Schools Host Read Across Cobb Events to Celebrate Reading on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Posted: 3/14/2018

There was a fox in sox and more than one cat in the hat. There was a Thing 1 and a Thing 2. As Dr. Seuss would say, “From there to here, and here to…

Cobb Students Discover New Career Possibilities at Future Fest 2018

Posted: 3/9/2018

A few decades ago, a student in Brad Wheeler’s classroom may not have ever heard of an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone. Today however, drone operators are a high demand career field. Wheeler, who now…

Six Cobb County School District Students Among Team Presenting Ideas to Improve Metro Atlanta

Posted: 3/8/2018

Among the people sitting in a boardroom in late February at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) were six Cobb County School District high school students looking for solutions to Atlanta’s problems.  Tasked with presenting their…

Kennesaw Elementary Second Graders Launch TV News Station

Posted: 3/8/2018

Hannah Grace peered into the broadcast camera focused on her second grade classmates as they reported the news for Kennesaw Elementary School. On that day, she was standing in as a videographer for Cobb edTV,…

Bullard Elementary Students Build LEGO Bridges, STEM Skills

Posted: 3/7/2018

One hundred, 200, 300, 400, 500 grams! That’s how much weight second graders Jacob and Wyatt’s LEGO bridge was able to hold. The Bullard Elementary School students built bridges with LEGO’s as part of a…

Cobb School District Magazine

Posted: 3/5/2018

We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of the Cobb County School District Magazine. This issue highlights our Transportation Department and the critical role it plays in transporting nearly 73,000 students every day. Other stories include staff and student success and community involvement, all demonstrating our commitment to One Team, One Goal: Student Success. Please click on the magazine cover to start reading.

Board Recognitions – February 15, 2018

Posted: 2/28/2018

Note: The following photos were taken at the Cobb County School Board Meeting on February 15, 2018. Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements…

Wheeler High School Presents 2018 MLK Awards

Posted: 2/27/2018

“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” Those words of wisdom from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. help describe the shared traits of the students, educators, and community members honored with Wheeler High School’s…

Learning Resources Public Review Monday, February 26 – Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Posted: 2/26/2018

The Cobb County School District is offering the community an opportunity to review learning resources being recommended for K-12 Science and Social Studies acquisition.

Print and digital materials will be available for public review, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday, at the following locations:

  • CCSD District Office - Lobby
    514 Glover Street, Marietta, GA
  • CCSD Hawthorne Center - Room 139  
    1595 Hawthorne Avenue, Smyrna, GA


Digital access for the recommended K-12 Science and Social Studies resources can be found here:

After reviewing the print and/or digital materials, we ask that you take a moment to provide feedback using the online forms below.

Thank you for your participation, and if you have any questions, please contact the Learning Resources Manager, Kelly Brown, at

Rick Grisham Maintains Transportation Department’s National Legacy, Wins 2017 National Transportation Leadership Award

Posted: 2/21/2018

Before the sun rises, you may find Rick Grisham at the entrance to the Carroll Pitts Jr. Transportation Center welcoming bus drivers. You may see him in the afternoons driving behind a bus as students…

Transportation Department’s Jeremiah Bradberry Crowned America’s Best Technician

Posted: 2/21/2018

As soon as he was old enough to hold a wrench, Jeremiah Bradberry started working on car engines. The now veteran mechanic graduated from working on cars and motorcycles to caring for the engines responsible…

School Choice Transfers Open Feb. 5, 2018

Posted: 2/21/2018

The Cobb County School District is offering School Choice (HB 251) transfers for the 2018-2019 school year. Individual school capacity information and applications will be available beginning February 5, 2018 on the District website. For more information, please see our 2018-19 School Choice webpage. The deadline for applying is Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Griffin Middle School Students, Teachers Share Science of Baseball at Atlanta Braves Chop Fest

Posted: 2/20/2018

Amid the autograph sessions, appearances by Atlanta Braves baseball players, and performances by the Atlanta Braves Heavy Hitters, Griffin Middle School students and teachers added to the Chop Fest 2018 celebration by sharing the Science…

Tapp Middle School Student to Compete in NBC’s Genius Junior Show

Posted: 2/20/2018

It started with a flyer sent home from Varner Elementary School about a national TV show celebrating the smartest kids in America. The flyer caught the attention of the parents of then Varner fifth grader,…

Cobb Middle School Students Go for Gold in Olympic-Style Reading Challenge

Posted: 2/20/2018

Inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics, Cobb middle school students are competing in an Olympic Reading Challenge in February. Students and staff log books that they read to determine the winners across five Olympic events:…

Jacqueline Fross Named CCSD Social Worker of the Year

Posted: 2/20/2018

The Cobb County School District (CCSD) Social Worker of the Year, Jacqueline Fross, has served as a school social worker for more than 20 years. She is a member of the CCSD Crisis Response Team,…

Varner Elementary School Families Celebrate STEM

Posted: 2/15/2018

What has drones, a 10-foot catapult, a labyrinth, robots, and microscopes? Answer: The Varner Elementary School Family STEM Night. School staff members and parent volunteers teamed up to get more than 400 students and parents…

GADOE Review of High School Science Standards

Posted: 2/14/2018

The Georgia Department of Education welcomes feedback from teachers, administrators, and parents regarding the review of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for 12 high school science courses: Astronomy, Botany, Ecology, Entomology, Epidemiology, Forensic Science, Geology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Meteorology, Microbiology, Oceanography, and Zoology. This survey feedback will be used to inform the development of Science Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). The survey will close at 5:00 PM EDT on March 2, 2018.

Hillgrove High School Students Publish Book, Share it with Mableton Elementary School Students

Posted: 2/14/2018

Very few high school students publish a book before they graduate and even fewer publish a book in another language, but that’s exactly what a group of Hillgrove High School students did. The Hillgrove Honors…

Durham Middle School Crowns Michele Downey Phenomenal Friday Teacher of the Week

Posted: 2/12/2018

When Michele Downey was in middle school, one of her teachers predicted that she was going to be a teacher because of Downey’s desire to help her fellow students. Her teacher was correct. Today, Downey…

Cobb County School District Employees Earn $11,900 for School Programs Through Employment Program at SunTrust Park

Posted: 2/12/2018

The official food and beverage partner of the Atlanta Braves, Delaware North Sportservice, announced a major donation to Cobb County School District schools through an employment incentive program offered to district employees. The program gave…

Tritt Elementary School Recognized with STEM Education Award

Posted: 2/12/2018

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and the TAG Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) announced that Tritt Elementary School is the elementary school-level winner of a STEM Education Award. The award recognizes and celebrates schools, programs, and…

CCSD Student IDs Now Double as County Library Passes

Posted: 2/12/2018

Students in the Cobb County School District (CCSD) don’t need an extra card to access the digital and print resources inside the Cobb County Public Libraries. A new initiative, Library PASS – Public Library Access for Student…

Learning Resources Public Review: Feb. 2018

Posted: 2/6/2018

The Cobb County School District is offering the community an opportunity to review learning resources currently under consideration for K-12 Science and Social Studies. Print and digital materials will be available for public review, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday, at the following location and dates:

  • CCSD Hawthorne Center - Room 139
    1595 Hawthorne Avenue, Smyrna, GA
  • Tuesday, February 6 - Friday, February 16, 2018

Digital materials may be accessed at:

After reviewing the print and/or digital materials, we ask that you take a moment to provide feedback using the online form below.

Thank you for your participation, and if you have any questions, please contact the Learning Resources Manager Kelly Brown, at

Clay Elementary Celebrates Student Achievement with 70’s Themed Dance

Posted: 1/31/2018

“Turn the beat around…love to hear it, love to hear it!” School staff said, “Let’s celebrate” because Clay Elementary School students are “Takin’ Care of Business.” There was a party going on at Clay to…

Griffin Middle School Students Design Tiny Houses

Posted: 1/31/2018

As a way to help their community look for a solution to a shortage in affordable homes, Griffin Middle School students recently partnered up to design and build models of tiny, energy-efficient homes. The tiny…

Board Recognitions – January 25, 2018

Posted: 1/31/2018

Note: The following photos were taken at the Cobb County School Board Meeting on January 25, 2018. Chief of Staff Dr. Kevin Daniel presented these students and staff to the Board for special recognition. Excerpts from the recognition announcements…

Cobb Schools Earns Highest Long Term, Short Term Credit Ratings

Posted: 1/31/2018

Moody’s Investor’s Service (Moody’s) once again assigned a Aaa Credit Rating to the Cobb County School District (CCSD). This rating is the highest credit rating available for a government entity. The district first secured the…

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts Presents SISTER ACT!

Posted: 1/26/2018

The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts (CCCEPA) magnet program at Pebblebrook High School presents the award-winning hit Broadway musical SISTER ACT February 1, 2, 3 at 8PM and February 4 at…

CCSD Special Education Parent Mentors Host Community Connections Resource Fair

Posted: 1/16/2018

A Community Connections Resource Fair will be held on Monday, January 22, 2018, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Daniell Middle School. Visit with representatives of 30+ organizations from Cobb County and the surrounding area to learn about programs offered for families of students with disabilities. Click here for more information. (en español)

Floyd Middle School Students Examine Career Field Opportunities

Posted: 1/16/2018

Leonel peered into a microscope. The Floyd Middle School sixth grader was examining human cells just like cytotechnologist Angela Hunter does every day for her job at WellStar Health System. Hunter wheeled in a cart…

Smyrna Elementary Students Fly Back in History, Debut Amelia Earhart Museum

Posted: 1/11/2018

Breaking news! The search for the famed Amelia Earhart is over. Clad in her traditional leather boots and black goggles, Earhart was recently discovered inside Smyrna Elementary School where she was educating students and parents…

Governor Recognizes 11 Cobb Schools on 2017 Shape Honor Roll

Posted: 1/11/2018

The 2017 Governor’s Shape Honor Roll recognized 11 elementary schools in the Cobb County School District (CCSD) for the staff’s dedication to creating a healthy school environment and a culture of wellness for staff, students,…

Keheley Elementary Uses National Grant to Host Family Math Night

Posted: 1/9/2018

Long after the end-of-school bell rang and the last teacher should have left the building, Keheley Elementary School hummed as students and their parents busily worked to solve math problems. Some students battled it out…

Happy New Year

Posted: 1/3/2018




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