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SAT Scores Unchanged for Cobb, State / National Averages Decline

SAT scores for the Cobb County School District’s most recent graduates remain well above averages for the state of Georgia and the nation, although there was no change in the overall score from last year. Seniors in the class of 2014 posted a combined SAT score of 1515 (includes Reading, Math, and Writing totals), exceeding their statewide peers’ average by 70 points and the national average by 18 points.

In the SAT’s three academic areas, Cobb students’ Reading scores were unchanged, while Math scores decreased only one point and Writing scores increased by one point. In Georgia, scores declined slightly in all three content areas (see Table II).

Six of Cobb’s 16 high schools posted combined totals higher than the national average of 1497, including Harrison, Kennesaw Mountain, Lassiter, Pope, Walton and Wheeler. Kennesaw Mountain High School students posted the largest year-to-year gain with an average of 1602, a 31-point increase from last year, followed by South Cobb High School with a notable gain of 24 points and an average SAT score of 1331. Walton continues to post the highest scores among district high schools with a combined SAT average score of 1700 for eight consecutive years.

“Our students continue to outperform their peers across the nation,” said Interim Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. “All of our high schools are producing graduates who can be competitive and successful both in college and in the workforce. With the percentage of test takers having increased, it is impressive that our average score remained unchanged, even though scores declined nationally and in Georgia.”

The SAT is designed to predict a student’s potential for success in the first year of college. It tests students’ knowledge and application of Reading, Writing and Math. The writing section of the test asks students to write an essay that requires them to take a position on an issue and use reasoning and examples to support their position. The Math section of the test includes topics from third-year college-preparatory Math, such as exponential growth, absolute value, functional notation and negative and fractional exponents. The Critical Reading section, previously known as the Verbal section, includes short and long reading passages.

College Board changed the way they report SAT scores beginning in 2011. This change is based on the graduating cohort group, which includes summer test takers, and represents a shift from prior years when only scores for test takers through early June were included.

Many factors affect SAT scores from year to year, including the percentage of students taking the test, student academic preparation, knowledge of English, parents’ education and locality. Cobb information shows that the higher the grades and rank-in-class achieved, generally, the higher the mean SAT scores.

Parents who desire more information about their student’s SAT scores should contact counselors in the local high school who can provide proper interpretation to help interpret test results.

SAT scores for individual Cobb high schools are listed in Table II

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Posted: 10/7/2014
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