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Cobb County School District’s Graduation Rate is the Highest in Five Years

The four-year graduation rate for the Cobb County School District Class of 2015 was 81.4 percent according to data released today by the Georgia Department of Education. The Cobb County School District outperformed the state average of 78.8 percent by 2.6 percent. Cobb’s graduation rate increased 3.2 percent from last year and has increased each year since 2011. The graduation rate has risen 7.9 percent since 2011.

Five of the district’s 16 high schools had graduation rates that exceeded 90 percent. Walton and Harrison had the highest rates in the district with 94.1 percent. According to Walton Principal Judith McNeill, “We at Walton couldn’t be more proud of our students, parents, and teachers as our highest graduation rate continues to demonstrate our commitment to scholarship, service, and career readiness for our students. The teachers are once again to be commended for outstanding work with their respective students.”

Harrison Principal Ashlynn Campbell states, “Our graduation rate is a testament to our culture here at Harrison. Our entire staff--teachers, support staff, clerks--are all deeply committed to the well-being and academic success of every student.”

Another Cobb standout, Lassiter High School, posted a graduation rate of 93.8 percent. Principal Chris Richie comments, “The work ethic and drive of our teachers to see every student be successful is the top priority for Lassiter.”

In addition, Pope High School’s graduation rate was 91.7 percent, and Hillgrove High School achieved a rate of 90.8 percent.

Compared to 2014, the graduation rate increased in 13 of the district’s 16 high schools. South Cobb showed the greatest one-year increase in graduation rate for the district at 10.9 percent. Other high schools with notable one-year increases from 2014 to 2015 were Wheeler (8.9 percent), Pebblebrook (8.0 percent), Kell (6.2 percent), and Campbell (6.0 percent). Schools with the largest five-year gains since 2011 were Osborne (18.7 percent), South Cobb (18.6 percent), Wheeler (15.2 percent), and Pebblebrook (15.0 percent).

The state reports the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. The U.S. Department of Education defines this as the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who entered high school four years earlier adjusted for students who transfer in and out of a given school. This uniform method of calculation is used by all districts in the state, and most districts in the nation, allowing an accurate comparison of graduation rates across the state and nation. In the past, graduation rates were measured using inconsistent methods making fair comparisons difficult. At the time of this press release, the graduation rate for the state was not available.

Cobb County School District Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said, “Our graduation rates continuing to rise is the outcome of the great work our teachers are doing. It is our goal that all of our graduates are prepared to succeed on whichever path they pursue after high school. Having our graduation rates increase means that we are able to ensure more of our students are receiving the preparation needed for success.”

Table 1 includes the four-year graduation rates for the district and each high school from 2011–2015 along with the one-year and five-year difference in the rates.

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Posted: 11/9/2015
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