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Georgia Milestones Retest

At this time, the Cobb County School District is planning to offer the retest opportunity as originally scheduled from May 17 – May 20.  Only the following students will retest:

  • Only students in grade 3  who score “Below Grade Level” in reading on the Georgia Milestones assessment will be retested in English Language Arts.
  • Only students in  grades 5 and 8 who score “Below Grade Level” in reading and/or “Beginning Learner” in math on the Georgia Milestones assessments will be retested in English Language Arts and/or Mathematics.

At the conclusion of every school year, school districts offer a retest opportunity for students who perform below proficient on the State Milestones Assessment in grades 3, 5, and 8.  The main administration of the Milestones is scheduled five weeks prior to the conclusion of the school year so there is valuable instructional time that remains.  Local schools have invested in resources to support targeted instruction and intervention strategies for students demonstrating gaps in their learning and we believe that any student not demonstrating grade-level proficiency on the first attempt deserves a second opportunity.

Unfortunately, student results have been delayed from the GA DOE so the opportunity to provide notification to students and parents has also been delayed.  As student results are returned to the district, local schools will notify affected students and their parents.  Notification may begin as early as May 12, 2016, for some students whose results became available more promptly, other students will be notified as their results are returned.

Should complete student results not be returned to the district by 5:00pm on May 13th, the district will re-evaluate the retesting window.  The district will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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Posted: 5/13/2016
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