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CCSD Cancels Milestones Retest in Grades 3, 5, and 8

Due to State Delay Returning Results

The Cobb County School District continues to wait on the Georgia Department of Education to provide student results to the district and local schools.  We strongly believe that the retest opportunity is important to both students and schools.  In our 2014 retest administration 40% of students who retested in math passed on the second attempt, and 34% of the students who retested in reading passed on the second attempt.  Both our students and teachers have worked hard over the past three weeks to continue addressing any learning gaps, and we remain convinced that students deserve and can benefit from a second opportunity.

Despite the benefits of retesting, we cannot keep our schools, children, or families in limbo any longer.  Due to the State’s continued delay in returning student results, the Cobb County School District has decided to cancel the originally scheduled plan to retest.

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Posted: 5/13/2016
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