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KiDTalk Winners Inspire Cobb Staff for Start of School

KiDTalk Winner John Newton

Three Cobb County sixth graders are now public speaking rock stars.

The trio are winners of Cobb’s KiDTalk inspired Cobb staff throughout the district, and they presented during the Learning Kickoff for Cobb staff.  For the very first time, the kickoff event was multicast to all Cobb County schools and more than 13,000 Cobb staff members.

Two of the KiDTalk winners—John Newton and Tyler Hoard—presented their KiDTalks live to a packed audience of Cobb staff in Wheeler High School’s Performing Arts Center. Because she was unable to attend, Daisy Reyes, the third winner of Cobb’s KiDTalk, pre-recorded her KiDTalk which was played for the event attendees. Their KiDTalks centered on the theme of “If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…”  Read more

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Posted: 7/27/2016
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