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Cobb Schools CCRPI Scores Increase and Exceed State Average for Fifth Straight Year

Two CCSD Schools Score Above 100 Points

For the fifth straight year, Cobb County School District’s score exceeded the state average on the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI), Georgia’s school ratings measure.

The district’s score increased 0.8 points to 80.5, making its average score 6.9 points higher than the state. CCSD’s middle and high schools showed the most improvement. In fact, for the first time, two high schools scored above 100 points.

The CCRPI is Georgia’s accountability measure, which is scored on a 100-point scale. It contains three components: achievement (50 points), progress (40 points), and achievement gap (10 points). Schools can also receive up to 10 challenge or bonus points.

Cobb’s 2016 CCRPI Scores Compared to Georgia and 2015

  Cobb Compared to Georgia Cobb 2016 Compared to 2015
School Level Georgia Cobb Difference 2015 2016 Trend
All Schools 73.6 80.5 +6.9 79.7 80.5 +0.8
Elementary Schools 72.8 75.7 +2.9 77.3 75.7 -1.6
Middle Schools 72.1 79.8 +7.7 79.0 79.8 +0.8
High Schools 76.1 88.2 +12.1 83.9 88.2 +4.3


Highest Performing Schools in 2016

Eight of CCSD’s 16 high schools had scores above 90, and 13 high schools scored above the state average. Walton (102.2) and Lassiter (100.6) had the highest scores in the district. Walton received an extra 2.2 challenge or bonus points on the CCRPI.

“At Walton High School we emphasize rigor in the classroom, but we provide academic support for all of our students,” said Judy McNeill, Principal of Walton High School.

The district’s high scoring middle schools include Dodgen (99.6) and Dickerson (98.7). Three other middle schools, Hightower Trail (97.6), Mabry (91.3) and McClure (90.7) also scored above 90. Eighteen of 25 middle schools exceeded the state average.

At the elementary level, Garrison Mill (95.3) and Mount Bethel (95.0) had the highest CCRPI scores, while nine other schools had scores above 90, and 39 exceeded the state average for elementary schools.

“This year’s CCRPI score recognizes the commitment of the entire Garrison Mill staff and community to the teaching and learning of our students,” said Kyle Giesler, Principal of Garrison Mill Elementary School.

Most Improved Schools in 2016

Several CCSD schools showed significant improvement on the CCRPI. For high schools, Campbell (11.3) and Kell (10.4) both produced double-digit increases over 2015.

“In this, the second year of the Georgia Milestones Assessments, our teachers better understand the level of mastery required and were able to address the needs of struggling students while pushing students that excel to even higher levels of performance,” said Dr. Jeanne Walker, Principal of Campbell High School.

At the middle school level, Cooper (8.1) and Durham (7.5) increased their scores from last year.

For elementary schools, Lewis (11.7), Hayes (9.7), and Mountain View (8.7) were the most improved.

Components of CCRPI

On the CCRPI, the achievement element (50 points) measures how students performed on the Georgia Milestones state assessments and on other college and career ready indicators. For high schools, achievement includes the graduation rate. Progress (40 points) measures the growth demonstrated by students on the Georgia Milestones from year to year. Achievement gap (10 points) indicates the performance difference between the lowest 25% of students in a school or district, compared to the performance of all students in Georgia.

Significant changes were made to the CCRPI in 2015 so that CCRPI scores before 2015 are too different to be usefully compared to those in 2015 and 2016.

More Information

Detailed information about the CCRPI is available from the GaDOE ( The available information includes full reports for all schools and districts in Georgia. CCRPI scores for all of Cobb’s schools are included in the CCRPI Brief on Cobb’s Accountability Data page.

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Posted: 12/8/2016