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Success Block

Success Block Schedules

Success Block Week March 9-13

Success Block is an enrichment period that provides teachers and opportunity to accelerate students who have fallen behind, enrich students who are looking to be pushed, and provide extracurricular opportunities which have previously been unavailable due to the time constraints of a regular school day.

Students will be provided session offerings on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week to address specific needs and topics currently covered in classes.  Students may attend any "open" session, provided he or she has not received an invitation to a "closed" session which they are required to attend.

Students who are attending a required "closed" session will be given a Palmer SUCCESS stamp in their agneda for the class they need to attend for that particular day. A stamp does not indicate the student needs to be accelerated, but simplify identifies a teacher who is requiring the student to attend the session or needs prior knowledge of number of participants.

Each Friday we will post the offerings on this page.  Review the sessions being offered to help your child prioritize selections.