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Administration Name Email Address
Principal Dr. Peter Giles
Assistant Principal Mrs. Dana Carlton
Assistant Principal Dr. Rebecca Volkerding
Front Office & Support Staff Name


Email Address

Jackie Johnson-Bethea

Bookkeeper Jeanne Crain

Pupil Personnel

Heather Simmons




Dianna Cochran


George Wrensen

Media Specialist Betsy Sanford
Social Worker Ginnie Barnes
Technology Support Sean Kelley
SPED EPS Dena Taylor
Campus Resource Officer Dewayne Morris
6th Grade Subject Room Email Address
Rebecca Voklerding Assistant Principal
Brenda Pavlak Counselor
Jill Holder Math CR9
Janelle Couch Math 6B4
Sara Mullis Math 7D2
Jennifer Bobb Math 7D2
Michelle Esserwein Science 6D1
Elizabeth Crumpton Science 6C1
Joseph Auriemma Science 6B1
Terra Mahre Language Arts 6D2
Tammy Duke Language Arts 6C4
Devin Mikhail Social Studies 6A4  
Marcelle Knauff Social Studies 6C2
Linda Quinn SS/Reading 6D3
Dearl Stephens SPED SCI/SS
Chad Oates SPED Social Studies  
Kelly Groeneveld SPED Language Arts 6A3
Tricia Solinski SPED Science
Glenda Canada SPED Math 6A5
Chelsea Hunsberger SPED Reading CR8
7th Grade Subject Room Email Address
Dana Carlton Assistant Principal
  Students A-L    
Rebecca Volkerding Assistant Principal
  Students M-Z    
Cathy Fearing Counselor
  Students A-L    
Brenda Pavlak Counselor
  Students M-Z    
Bekki Couch Math 7D1
Leanne Flaig-Hutchinson Math 7C2
Sara Mullis Math 7D2
Jennifer Bobb Math CR6
Beth Holder Science 7B1
Mary Hunt Science 7A1
Joseph Auriemma Science 6B1
Sarah Drake Language Arts 7B4
Darin Nash Language Arts 7D3
Michael Irving Social Studies 7C4
Greg Klein Social Studies 7A4
Angela Fitch Social Studies 6A2
Allyn Molloy SPED Social Studies 
Celeste Brooks SPED Science
Mary Lewis SPED Language Arts 6A3
Eunice Brown-Flanigan SPED Math 7C2
Jennifer Karpenko SPED Reading 7A2
8th Grade Subject Room Email Address
Dana Carlton Assistant Principal
Cathy Fearing Counselor
Dora Brown Math 8B2
Tina Yang-Palmieri Math 8D1
Jennifer Bobb Math CR6
Emmelyn Johnson Math/Reading 8A2
Jacquie Mericka-Brand Science 8C1
Leslie DeSimone Science 8A1
Barbara Garvin Language Arts 8C4
Donna Leach Language Arts 8A4
Larry Whitten Social Studies 8B1
Susan Navarra Social Studies 8D4
Anita Minguela Spanish 8B4
Tricia Solinski SPED Science
Chad Oates SPED Social Studies    
Jennifer Perlick SPED Math 8D2
Chelsea Hunsberger SPED Language Arts CR8
Jennifer Karpenko SPED Language Arts 7A2



Email Address
Art Danielle Robleto
AVID Vijay Koilpillai
Band/Music Sue Bulock
Band/Music Rick Dietrich
Chorus Marla Baldwin
Orchestra Susan Goudreau
PE/Health Kevin Goss
PE/Health Eric Martin
ESOL Kevin Schott CR6
Marketing Sharon Schlipf  

Special Education



Email Address

HAVEN Melanie Pryor CR1
HAVEN LaMonica Green 8A5
RISE Rachel Harmeyer CR2
RISE Rebekah Maycock CR3
Speech Delicia Seymour




Email Address

ISS Devon Page
Media Center Mandy Woodham
PE Patricia Woodruff
IRR Sharon Kriss


Carol Rosenbloom

RISE Mary Jane James
RISE Levia McGee
RISE Frank White
Stella Nthale
HAVEN Joan Williams

Custodial Staff



Email Address

Andy Richards  Head Custodian
Michael Hartman
Emmanuel Mbagwu
David Nelson

Cafeteria Staff



Email Address

Angela Holtzclaw Cafeteria Manager
Christy Bailey
Liz Burt
Melissa Cotner
Judith Karlinski
Cathy Kell
Amy Lawrence
Mary Sherrane
Lori Wolfe