Pebblebrook High School HS

Dr. Dana Giles, Principal

Sheldon Bulluck, AP | Brittny Jones, AP/AD | LaEla Mitchell, AP | Deanna Munlin, AP | Tonya Polk, AP | Glenn Richard, AP | Randall Schlanger, AP |  Matthew Short, AP | Frank Timmerman Director of CCCEPA | Marilyn Mitchell-Wilson, SSA

991 Old Alabama Road
Mableton, Ga. 30126
Phone: 770-819-2521
Main FAX: 770-819-2523
Counseling FAX: 770-819-2552

Pebblebrook Career Technical & Agricultural Education - Ms. Munlin, Assistant Principal

Name Position Contact
Antonio, Paula Introduction to Personal Care Email
Anchrum,Tremayne Human Resources
Introduction to Business
Marketing Principals
Howell, Katina Business Communication
Business and Technology
Johnson, Wade JROTC Email
Lyons, Pamela Culinary Arts Email
Pryor, Robinette JROTC Email
Ryals, Jason Graphic Design
Intro code: XHXDH-25NKW
Graphic code: B9FBR-87WCG
Advanced code: K3rkx-87WCG
Theriault, Vivian Video Production Email
Thigpen, Kristen Audio Visual I Email
Walker, Keesha Culinary Arts Email
Wardlaw, Jimmy Graphic Design Email
Williams, Kapers JROTC Email
Wilson, Adrianne Cosmetology Email
Young, Ivory Intro to Business Technology
Business Communication