Pebblebrook High School

Travis Joshua, Principal |  Mike Bivens, Interim A.P.| Robin Dowdy, AP | Leslie Ellis, AP/AD | LaEla Mitchell, AP | Marilyn Mitchell-Wilson, AP |  Deanna Munlin, AP | Antwane Nelson, AP | Frank Timmerman Director of CCCEPA | Katwona Warren, AP


991 Old Alabama Road
Mableton, Ga. 30126
Phone: 770-819-2521
Main FAX: 770-819-2523
Counseling FAX: 770-819-2552

Pebblebrook Faculty


Travis Joshua Principal
Mike Bivens Interim Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: A - Cal
Robin Dowdy Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: Cam-Far
Leslie Ellis Assistant Principal / Athletic Director
Students Last Names: Fas - Hol
P.E. & Foreign Language
Dr. LaEla Mitchell Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: Hon - Mb
Social Studies
Marilyn Mitchell-Wilson Assistant Principal
Support & Specialized Services
Special Education
Deanna Munlin Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: Mc - Pon
Dr. Antwane Nelson Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: Pop - Sol
Frank Timmerman Director of CCCEPA
Performing Arts
Katwona Warren Assistant Principal
Students Last Names: Som - Z
Gwendolyn Granison Secretary/Synergy Contact
Rhonda Johnson Clerk(Main)
Stormy Bowie Bookkeeper
Amber Fountain Part-Time Bookeeper
Ricardo Weaver Clerk(Main)
Darlene Ewing Pupil Personnel
Ranai Belser Discipline Clerk
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  Student's Last Names  
Shiree Webb A-Cas (Letter H)
Corey Tinsley Cat-Gar
Jewel Jackson Gas-Kin
Dawn Robinson K - Nu
Patrick Burch Nv - Sh (Letter I)
Julynn Williams-Chandler Si-Z (Letter J)
Betsy De Los Santos Registrar
Shanice Brooks Guidance Clerk
Tateirra Blake Guidance Clerk
Mercedes Reilly Parent Facilitator (Title III)
Willa Wood-Hodges Parent Facilitator (Title I)
Randall Schlanger Academic Coach
Betty Smalls Academic Coach
George Washington Academic Coach
Carmen Conley GradPoint Instructor
Larry Riley Social Worker
Kimberly Chinn Communities in Schools Site Coordinator
Colleen Gibson Psychologist
Leamonica Brown Speech Therapist
LaKesha Hembree Online Paraprofessional
Nakiesha Campbell ISS
Romonica Long School Nurse
Officer Herbert Schleicher EXT 007
Officer Greg Watson EXT 006
Officer Rueben Wingfield EXT 008
Cynthia Carwise Cafeteria Manager
Jamal Washington Maintenance
Cathy Hembree Head Custodian
Byron Relford Head Custodian
Susan Grigsby Department Chair
Media Specialist
Heidi Packer Media Specialist
Camille Isaman Media Paraprofessional
Glenise Gleaton Computer Technician II
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Brown, Jonathan Department Chair
Marketing Principles
Intro to Sports Marketing
Anchrum,Tremaine Money, Music, and Success
Intro to Business
Garland, Melanie Cosmetology
Howell, Katina Business Communications
Business and Technology
Leverette, Ronald JROTC
 Lyons, Pamela Culinary Arts
 Pryor, Robinette JROTC
Ryals, Jason Graphic Design
Theriault, Vivian Video Production
Thigpen, Kristen Audio Visual I
Walker, Keesha Culinary Arts
Wardlaw, Jimmy Graphic Design
Williams, Kapers JROTC
Wilson, Adrianne Intro to Personal Care Services
Young, Ivory Intro to Business Technology
Coyle, Celeste Department Chair
AP Lit.
Honors British Literature
Multicultural Literature
Antonacci, Mariko American Literature
Dennis, Krystalyn World Literature
Ellis, Annetta American Literature
Ellis, Park World Literature
American Literature
Gibson, Desirae Seminar
Hamilton, Brandon Seminar
Humble, Katherine 10th Literature
Multicultural Literature
Jones, Shekela 9th Literature
McNair, Natashia World Literature
Morris, Myrna Multi-Cultural Literature
Moore, Shani Seminar
Rossi, Michael 9th Literature
Advanced Composition
Sager, Mark AP Lang, American Literature
Honors American Literature
Shaw, Velrastine 9th Literature
Sims, Rhiannon World Literature
Thomas, Kimberly Read 180 Access code: p9tgxa
Writer's Workshop Access code:3ezd5b
Whipple, Dawn AP Literature
9th Literature
Williams, Alicia Read 180
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Litowich, Jennifer Department Chair
Adams, Robert Drama
Comarda, Amy Art/Biology
Dogias, Jacob Drama
 D'Haviland, John-Michael Choral
Edwards, Eileen Dance
Ginn, Ariel Vocal/Piano
Kirtdoll, Eulas Band
Wind Symphony
Music Appreciation
Concert Band
 Parker, Daniel Technical Theater
Piercy, Kimberly
2016 - 2017
Pebblebrook Teacher of the Year
Visual Art
Reeves, Denise Dance
Suarez, Janet Art
White, Evelyn Vocal/Piano
Wimberly, Isaac Band Access Code: 8J3JV-45QHZ
Woolf, Katie Choral/Vocal
Prattes, Vickie P.A. Box Office Manager  
Keller, Kathleen Department Chair
Algebra I
College Readiness Math
Beasley, Garrett Foundations of Algebra
Brown, Reginald Foundations of Algebra
Camps, Shnita Foundations of Algebra
Christmas, Jari Foundations of Algebra
Deuire, Kayla Geometry
Elliott, Rebecca Algebra I
Algebra II
Goss, Aaron Geometry
Harrell, Kim Pre-Calc.
College Readiness Math
Howard, Phillip Algebra I
McCleskey, Tamika Geometry Support
Algebra II
 McGuire, Heather College Readiness Math
Algebra II

Senior Class Blog
McKinney, Regene Foundations of Algebra
Sailor, Kenya Geometry
Geometry Support
Turrentine, Carmella Geometry Support
Algebra II
Walker, Christina Algebra I
Foundations of Algebra
White, Tedra Geometry
Honors Algebra II
Yadavalli, Roopa Calculus
Acc. Pre-Calculus
Jones, Brittny Department Chair
Athletic Coordinator
Weight Training
Banfield, Anton Athletic Coordinator
Personal Fitness
Jenkins, Robby P.E.
Jones, William Personal Fitness
Pruett, Troy Weight Training
Intro to Team Sports
Roach, Darrel P.E.
Rogers, Yolanda Health
Personal Fitness
Saunders, Kevin Advanced Weight Training
Thompson, Cherisse Aerobics
McCoy, Susan Department Chair
Bannerman, Alicia Biology and Art
Honors Biology
Clay, Anna Physics
George, Gregory Physics
Honors Physics
Gordon, Kristie Environment/World Geography
Hargrove, Janerria Astronomy
Harris, Kara Honors Chemistry
Jordan, Tameka Chemistry
Biology and Art

Macon, Camron Biology and Art
Honors Biology
Ned, Sharifa Biology and Art
A.P. Environmental
Passmore, Joycelyn Chemistry
Taylor, Sheila Human Anatomy
Honors Human Anatomy
Thomas, Starlett Honors Biology
Biology and Art
Cooper, Khristian Department Chair
US History
A.P. Psychology
Brink, Ed World Geography
Campbell, Michael World History Access Code: 8F7J9-8HSRM
Danner, Shaquita U.S, History
Access Codes:
1st: HB6N2-JT89P
3rd: 7N5ZT-6PSNT
Garvey, Lisa Econ/Government
Access Codes:
1st Block: WV326-BC9RR
2nd Block: MRXDQ-PQ98G
4th Block: Z5QTG-X52S9
Howard, Ashley World History
Kyle, Syndi A.P. Government
Honors Econ/Gov.

Access Codes:
1st: 4ZVPC-4QXBX
2nd: 85N8K-4F6SX
Lacy, Thomas Honors World History
A.P. World History
Access Code:SUV3h6
Powell, Georgia Econ/Government
Schipp, Christopher World History
Access Code: SS2QF-XHQBV
Smalley, Ben Honors US History
AP US History

Access Codes:

1st Block: N95DW-TJTR6

2nd Block:  G7D6R-6ZHHX

4th Block:  SXDN3-J47V9

Smalls, Lenora World History
Access codes:
2nd and 3rd Block N5FG6-SNCB2
4th Block RJ7B7-P8SN3
Staker, Karen AP Human Geography
Access Codes:
Human: 8FG8F-MB6CT
Human: F82WH-DSJKS
Stetler, Sean World Geography
Tidwell, Wylie US History
World Geography
Parsons, Michelle Department Chair
American Literature
Antwih, Emily MOID
Clark, Ambrea Paraprofessional
Conner, Obaury Study Skills
Coppola, Melinda MID
Cumberlander, Ashley Algebra
Dodson-Davis, Yashi Government
9th Grade Literature
Dudley, LaSaundra MID
Farrington, Crystal MOID
Freeman, Aletha Paraprofessional
Gallegos, Karen Paraprofessional
Harper, Christie Multi Cultural Literature
World Literature
Harris-Changasia, Sandra SID/PID Teacher
Hathorn, Sharon Environmental/World Geography
Heggie, Kenneth Coach's Model
Hill, Deanna Paraprofessional
Houston, Nicole Algebra I
Kure, Michael Algebra II
Mapp, Datomika 9th Grade Literature
Osawaru, Ann Algebra II
Algebra II
Plato, Daphne Paraprofessional
Pooler, Erica MID
Robertson, Eric Consult Math
Algebra II
Swann, Charles US History
Williams, Matthew Astronomy
College Readiness Math
Edwards-Early, Sofia Department Chair
Spanish II
Native Speaker's Spanish I
Chance, Paul Spanish I
Hernandez, Madelyn Native Speaker's Spanish I 
Spanish II            
Mazikou, Rosette Honors French IV
French II
Honors French II
Richardson-Verser, Amanda French II
Stubbs, Yavanee French I
Spanish I
Geller, Erin Department Chair
ESOL American Literature
Writing in the Content Area
IEL Communication Skills
Campbell, Vernita ESOL 9th Literature
Writing in the Content Area
Clay, Davida

ESOL Foundations

Nelson, Leslie ESOL World Literature
Writing in the Content Area
Newsome, Allen ESOL(Algebra I)
ESOL Geometry Support
Travis, Shae ESOL Foundations
IEL Reading/Listening