Pebblebrook High School HS

Dr. Dana Giles, Principal

Sheldon Bulluck, AP | Brittny Jones, AP/AD | LaEla Mitchell, AP | Deanna Munlin, AP | Tonya Polk, AP | Glenn Richard, AP | Randall Schlanger, AP |  Matthew Short, AP | Frank Timmerman Director of CCCEPA | Marilyn Mitchell-Wilson, SSA

991 Old Alabama Road
Mableton, Ga. 30126
Phone: 770-819-2521
Main FAX: 770-819-2523
Counseling FAX: 770-819-2552

Pebblebrook Fine Arts - Mr. Schlanger, Assistant Principal

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Name Position Contact
Comarda, Amy Department Chair
Adams, Robert Drama Email
Alexander, Chloe Art
VA Comp
Dogias, Jacob Drama Email
D'Haviland, John-Michael Choral Email
Edwards, Eileen Dance Email
Ginn, Ariel Vocal/Piano Email
Kirtdoll, Eulas Band
Music Appreciation
Nivek Anderson Orchestra Email
Parker, Daniel Technical Theater Email
Reeves, Denise Dance Email
Suarez, Janet Art
White, Evelyn Vocal/Piano Email
Wimberly, Isaac Band
Access Code: 8J3JV-45QHZ
Nathan Medley Choral/Vocal Email
Prattes, Vickie P.A. Box Office Manager