Counseling Department

Counseling Phone Number (770) 819-2524
Counseling Fax (770) 819-2552
School Code number (CEEB): 111925

Pebblebrook College Blog:

Pebblebrook students' last names determine who their school counselor will be. 

Shiree Webb (A-Co)
EXT. 074

Corey Tinsley(Cp-He)
EXT. 031

Kristal Freeman
(Hf-Men)EXT. 032

Patrick Burch(Meo-Sam)
EXT. 033

Julynn Williams-Chandler, (San-Z)
EXT. 081

Suzanne Henry
EXT. 035

Debora Kriner
EXT. 045

Diane Turner
EXT. 034

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College & Career Center

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Pebblebrook College Blog:

Get Assistance with SAT/ACT Tests, College Admissions, Financial Aid and Career Planning

Contact Ms. Julynn Williams-Chandler with college questions:

Apply to colleges in Georgia, Check your HOPE Status, and get free practice for ACT & SAT

One of the admissions tests for college

Free/reduced lunch students can get up to 2 fee waivers to take the ACT for free

Great website for college and scholarship searches, SAT registration and much more!


One of the admissions tests for college

Free/reduced lunch students can get up to 2 fee waivers to take the ACT for free 

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PARENT LETTER from the Counseling Department:

Please note that there will be NO schedule changes for the Spring Semester of the 2013-2014 school year.  Beginning last school year, students were given several opportunities to request a schedule change.  The ONLY exceptions are listed below;

1)       Student is assigned a class for which they already have a passing grade/credit

2)      Student is assigned a class for which they did not meet the pre-requisite (enrolled in Spanish II before successfully completing Spanish I)

3)      Student needs a class to graduate THIS YEAR and is AT LEAST in their 4th year of high school (class must fit into schedule).

The mission of the Pebblebrook High School Counseling Department is to provide leadership through the implementation of a comprehensive, developmental, and responsive counseling program. The program will promote academic achievement, college/career exploration, and social/emotional growth for all students. School counselors, as part of the Pebblebrook learning community, help facilitate the support system so all students have access to the tools, enabling them to become responsible and productive citizens.

Pebblebrook High School’s Counselors believe that:
     * Every student is a unique individual who will be treated with dignity and respect     
     * Every student can learn and achieve through various modalities and at varying rates       
     * Every student will have access to a highly qualified professional school counselor who will
        identify, assess, and advocate for their educational and developmental needs
      *All students are capable of becoming responsible and productive adults        
      *The responsibility for learning is a partnership among students, parents, school faculty,
        and community organizations.    


Cobb Virtual Academy Online Registration
: Opens for All Students, Tuesday, April 29th, at 9:00 a.m. through Wednesday, May 21st at Noon  -

Late (Walk-In) Registration: Students MUST attend.  Students will complete their orientation and an introduction to their course. Wednesday, May 28th, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  CVA Learning Center Note:  Check CVA website for course availability.

Cost and Payment: $275 for .5 unit and $550 for 1.0 unit. Payment by Credit card, electronic check (EFT) or Money Order made payable to the Cobb County School District.  NO cash or checks will be accepted.

Classes Begin: Shortly after students register they will receive the "Welcome to CVA" email with login and orientation information so that they may begin work.  

Help Sessions: CVA face to face Help Sessions will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the CVA Learning Center located on the Oakwood Campus at 1560 Joyner Ave., Marietta, GA in Room 104. CVA help sessions provide students with content specific assistance, Blackboard functions such as submitting assignments, and with the use of Polar Watch equipment (Personal Fitness students).

Final Exams/EOCTs: Final Exams open on Sunday, July 6th at 8:00 p.m. and close on Tuesday, July 8th at 8:00 p.m.  End of Course Tests will be administered between Monday, June 23rd and Thursday, June 26th.  The exact date and time will be forthcoming.  Students MUST be available during the testing period for their final exam/EOCT. The EOCT MUST be administered in a face-to-face, proctored setting.  There are no make-up opportunities.  Check the website at  for the Course Catalog, updates regarding late registration, Pre-Fitness testing, Help Sessions, Final Exam and EOCT date, time and location.

Students must schedule an appointment to see their counselor. Appointments will be scheduled within 24 hours by one of the Counseling Office clerks. Students will be given a pass to return for their appointment time. It is at the teachers’ discretion to let them leave class.  In cases of emergency, students will be seen by an available counselor. Parents/Visitors should call the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment at 770-819-2524.  

Still figuring out your future? Can’t decide on a college major? Don’t know what career to pursue? The ASVAB Test can help you answer many of these questions.  If you thought that the ASVAB was only for students interested in the military, think again! The ASVAB is FREE and test administration will be held here at Pebblebrook twice per year. Please contact the counseling office for further information.


ACT/SAT  Fee Waiver Qualifications:
~student is enrolled in a free or reduced price lunch program.
~student is enrolled in a program for economically disadvantage(for example, AVID, Upward Bound).
~annual income of the student's family fall within the levels provided online and in SAT Program fee-waiver materials.
~student's family receives public assistance.
~the student's family lives in federally subsidized public housing.
~student is a resident in a foster home.
If the student meets at least one of these criteria, then the parent must sign the Parent/Guardian Waiver For Sharing Information With Other Programs form. This form is submitted to the cafeteria manager who then verifies the student status.

Pebblebrook H.S School Counseling Services  
*Academic Planning
*Classroom Presentations
*Post High School
*College/Career Planning
*Personal Development Peer/Family Relationships
*Individual Counseling
*Small Group Counseling
*Referrals to Outside Agencies