Pickett's Mill Elementary School

A Leader in Me School

Dr. Benji Morrell, Principal

Allison Gurski, Asst. Principal | Susan Vaughn, SSA | Katie Derman, SLI

6400 Old Stilesboro Rd
Acworth, GA 30101
Phone: (770) 975-7172
FAX: (770) 975-7121

Pickett's Mill Fifth Grade Leaders

Our fifth graders are the leaders in our school. As a fifth grader, students have the opportunity to apply to be on the Pirate Broadcast Team as well as a Kindergarten Helper. See below for a more in depth description of each.


Monday Team


Tuesday Team


Wednesday Team

Thursday Team

Friday Team





Desk Assistant:

Sits behind the desk and helps check out

Helps students locate books, the treasure chest, contests, etc

Manages the timer-students must be gone after 7:40

Waters the plant

Gets the camera on Mondays

Help Mrs. Baldwin get laptop carts ready for the day


Kindergarten Helper:

Come to the Learning Commons at 7:30 to sign in

Report to your Kindergarten Class

Be kind to all students

Be helpful


Broadcast Room:

Anchors-read the announcements

Mixer-produce the show

Computer-input birthdays, and run pledge, update power point

Teleprompter-update the message