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Pine Mountain Dress Code (Updated August 2015)


Below is a brief overview of Pine Mountain’s dress code. If in doubt, the student should not wear the outfit to school.

What’s Not Allowed

  • No sagging pants
  • No short shorts, skirts or dresses
  • No tank tops, camisoles midriff shirts, crop tops or low cut tops
  • No bandanas, caps, visors, hoods, or sunglasses.
  • No clothing of any kind with sexually suggestive phrases, illegal activity or substances, inappropriate designs or markings, or profanity.
  • No pajamas or bedroom slippers

Below is some more information to help clarify the above:

Ø  Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be no shorter than three inches above the student's knee.

Ø  Leggings or jeggings can be worn with long tops that are approximately at mid-thigh

Ø  Words should not be printed on the seat of the pants (shorts, sweat pants, etc.).

Ø  No rips, shreds, tears, or holes in pants may be located three inches or more above the knee.

Ø  Straps on garments that are less than three inches in width must be worn with a jacket at all times.

Ø  See through clothing may only be worn if the clothing underneath meets the dress code.

Students will be sent to the front office and a change of clothing will be requested from the parent. Continued infractions may result in further disciplinary action.

Dress Code Updated for the 2015-16 School Year