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Fall Parking 2017- SENIORS ONLY

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***Spaces will be assigned this year and you MUST park in your assigned space***

To obtain a fall parking permit you must be a SENIOR and complete the following steps.

Step One: Fall Parking sign up-Closed

Based on the number of spaces available and the number of request received, Mrs. Zarbnisky will email Seniors who can receive a permit on Wednesday July 26, 2017 between 1-3 in the cafeteria. 

***Emails will be sent the week of July 17th.  If you receive an email from Mrs. Zarbnisky, then proceed to step two.***

Step Two: Print and complete the following 3 forms.

1) Cobb County Board of Education Parking Permit Form. This requires the signature of a parent or guardian, as well as the vehicle ID number and tag number. 

2) Pope High School Rules and Regulations sheet.  This requires the signature of a parent or guardian as well.

3) Cobb County Notification of Truancy and Tardy Rule.  This requires the signature of a parent or guardian as well.

Step Three:

1) Make a copy of the student's current license.

2) Make a copy of the current insurance card for the car you will be parking.

3) Bring a check made payable to Pope High School or cash in the amount of $50.

Step Four:

Bring all completed forms from Step Two and all three items from Step Three to the cafeteria on Wednesday, July 26th between 1-3 pm.