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3001 Hembree Road
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3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

Pope High School STEM Portfolio

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STEM Instruction & Students Learning

STEM Academies:

The Advanced Math and Science Academy was created to nurture those students that have a strong interest in math and science careers, and students will have the opportunity to cover more ground and to a deeper level in their math and science courses than the typical student. It is a rigorous avenue of study but the benefit of opening new doors to explore academic opportunities will increase the students' potential for their collegiate and professional careers.

Engineering Pathway

The program of study is centered on the usual academic core subjects - English, social studies, world language, and mathematics. In addition, STEM Engineering students take four years of Engineering/STEM related electives. This rigorous sequence leads to an understanding and retention far greater than that obtained in a more traditional program.

Sample STEM Lesson Plans


STEM Tristate Water Wars

Student Work samples

STEM Teacher Professional Development

STEM PD attended:

Several of our teachers participated in the Cobb STEM Innovations Academies


Project Lead the Way training for Engineering program

Dr. Kokan attends and consults on Kennesaw State University’s Math Science Project grant, the focus of which is to teach Cobb and Fulton County teachers to add STEM activities to their math classrooms. This is her second year working with them. Joanne Cole also attends these professional development workshops.

Instructional Planning for STEM



Academy Cohort description:

Capstone/ Internship/ Research Project

There are three options for Advanced Math and Science Academy students to satisfy their commitment to the program under agreement

Option 1: AP Capstone Students will take two AP level courses that will allow them to obtain an AP Capstone diploma along with satisfying this need. The first course will be AP Seminar to be taken their Junior year and then AP Research during their Senior year. Further details can be provided to those that are interested along with information provided online from the College Board.

Option 2: Internship Students will solicit internships independently but there will possibly be opportunities provided from internal sources (AMSA, guidance). This internship may occur during the Summer or during the school year. If during the school year then it is suggested that this is managed through the current school-based internship program with students leaving campus during school hours.

Proposal written with:

Activity (math/science related )
How monitored (through PHS internship or other )

Deadline of April 1 before proposed internship presented to AMSA Coordinator
Experience paper presented after internship completed

Option 3: Research Project
Students have the opportunity to complete a research project on an area of interest in math/science.
Student solicits mentorship to lead them through the project
Students may use teacher as mentor and complete project within the framework of the class
Student to present research to selected committee
Proposal to be made by April 1 before the school year of research


IE2 Initiatives

Advanced Math Proposal

Physics Proposal


STEM Partnerships

STEM Outreach

Congratulations, Rivers Alive has selected Pope High School as the 2015 Georgia School Award winner! We would love to honor you and your amazing accomplishments at our annual awards ceremony and luncheon on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center




Elementary School Outreach

A small group of girls have been working with designing, creating and programming clothing or wearables.  The group began as an AP CS A project last spring (2015) with a skirt that had lights that blinked.  They added a "fire" gown simulating the Hunger Games fire dress that played the Hunger games, a lighted umbrella, and a lighted batman tie.  We plan to wrap up the year with a trip to the High Museum of Art to attend the Iris van Herpen Transforming Fashion (fashion with 3D printing).




STEM students at Pope High School have multiple opportunities to participate in STEM activities and competitions through the Pope High School Robotics Team.  Activities include:

Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) competition.  This competition was hosted by Pope High School in Fall 2015 and was the first time a local high school STEM student organization had hosted this event.  The Pope High Robotics team, including Engineering Academy students, competed in the event and helped organize the event for other teams to participate.

VEX Robotics Competitions.
  A diverse team of over 30 Pope High Robotics students, including Engineering academy students, participate in VEX robot design, build, and competition activities.  Two separate robot teams competed in 2015-16 and performed well making it all the way to the semi-finals in two separate events.  Attached are photos of students during competitions. 

Pope Robotics and STEM Outreach Teams.  A group of 12 students participate in outreach events to local elementary and middle schools.  This year, the team comprised of six girls and six boys, prepared demonstrations for Hightower Middle School and Tritt Elementary School.  Attached is a photo of students presenting at the outreach event for elementary school students at Pope High School. 

MATE ROV Competition
.  The Pope Robotics team built an underwater remotely operated vehicle equipped with an underwater camera.  This robotics vehicle will be used to compete in the MATE Competition in Savannah, Georgia which emphasizes underwater recovery and space exploration tasks utilizing remotely operated vehicles.  Students utilize engineering skills and concepts to work collaboratively as a team to perform tasks.  These tasks have real world applications such as cleaning up oil spills, exploring harsh environments that are inhabitable for human life, and performing analyses of materials in remote areas.  Students also share these experiences with other students in the Engineering and STEM classes.


Pope Robotics Brainstorming Pope Robotics Outreach Pope VEX Competition


STEM Partners:

Georgia Commute Options
Cobb Water Authority
Commute Options/ARC
Gas South
Cobb EMC
American Chemical Society
Nucleus Medical Media
Atlanta Science Festival
Cobb Chamber of Commerce
GA Tech



STEM Learning Environment

Technology Resources:


Work Samples/Examples


Cobb Watershed Stewardship School of the Year!!



STEM Students

Academy Application Process

In an effort to streamline the process the Academies put the application process online:


There are six areas that are considered when making decisions for the Academy and they are grades/courses, test scores, teacher recommendations, student essay, extracurricular participation and honors/awards.