Pope High School    

Mr. Tom Flugum, Principal

Kimberly Artigas, AP|  Terri Browne, AP | Denise Danielson, AP | Eric Gray, AP | Josh Mathews, AP/AD  |  Nancy Zarbnisky, AP 
3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, Georgia 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

Pope School Council

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The purpose of School Council is to discuss topics relative to improving the school environment and developing recommendations to the administration as well as providing feedback to the administration and vice versa, the staff and administration sharing important topics and decisions with parents.

Pope School Council Elections
Nominations to fill vacant seats take place in April/May of each year.

2017-2018 School Council Members 

Mr. Tom Flugum - Pope HS Principal (tom.flugum@cobbk12.org)

Brad Klink – Pope Teacher (bradley.klink@cobbk12.org)

*Richard Groeneveld - Pope Teacher (richard.groeneveld@cobbk12.org)

Julie Thomas - Parent / Chairwoman

*Randy Meredith - Parent / Vice Chair

*Leon Proper - Parent / Secretary

*Christine Triebsh - Parent 

* denotes new members

Important Forms

School Council ByLaws

School Council Nomination Form 2018-2020

School Council Parent Nomination Notice 2018-2020