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Pope High School HS

Dr. Thomas Flugum, Principal

Kimberly Artigas, AP | Dr. James Bishop, AP | Dr. Denise Danielson, AP | Julie Huffman, AP | Josh Mathews, AP/AD | Nancy Zarbnisky, AP

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

Pope Clubs, Organizations, & Community-Based Groups

Start a Club or Organization

Students interested in starting or maintaining clubs or organizations should contact their existing or proposed sponsor who will follow the guidelines below: 

1) adhere to the District guidelines (JHC-R),
2) submit an application form (follow directions on form - students may complete, but sponsor must submit hard copy with signature) at the start of each school year
3) collect and store the parent consent form for each participating student.

Please note the deadline for submission of application by sponsor to Dr. Bishop is September 20, 2019.  Please also be aware that school administration is less likely to approve clubs/organizations that share similar aims, purposes, or general focus as existing clubs. Please also note that teachers are not allowed to establish unauthorized student clubs/organizations outside the scope of Cobb County and Pope High School policies and procedures.  The window for starting a new club for the 2019-209 school year closes on September 20, 2019. If you are interested in starting a new club (and have a faculty sponsor), please fill out this form and return it to Dr. Bishop. You will be notified if your club is approved.

Current Clubs & Organizations

Name Description Sponsor(s)
Ambassadors Freshman Orientation & Mentorship Mrs. Cason
Band Marching and competition performance Mr. Sodders & Mr. Rudolph
BOND (Being Optimistic Navigating Diabetes) To build a successful future for teens with diabetes Mrs. Jankowski
Chess Club To create an environment for people interested in playing and discussing chess Mr. Bailey
Chorus Perform through singing Mrs. Johns
Creative Writing Promote creative writing ideas and skills Ms. Greene
Drama Club Teach aspects of theater Mrs. Jones & Mr. Holman
Environmental Club Brings awareness to environmental issues through community service projects such as stream cleanups, storm drain marking, recycling and education Mr. Blythe
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, Inc. (FCCLA) Vocational Student Organization in Family and Consumer Sciences Mr. Klink
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) To present to coaches, athletes and students, as well as all whom they influence, the adventure of serving Jesus Christ in the school, church and community
Fencing Team Fencing Competitions and Practice Mr. Eichler
FLOP Club Promote acceptance and appreciation of world languages and cultures Foreign Language Teachers
French Honor Society National Honor Society for French students Mrs. Wojtczak
Friendship Club Building friendships between students with and without disabilities.  We celebrate everyone's differences and focus on how we are all alike! Mrs. Hill & Dr. Knight
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Bring business and education together through innovative leadership and career development Mrs. Brown
Gay Straight Alliance Forum to bring different cultures together and understand different sexual orientations Mrs. Sax & Mr. Holman
German Honor Society National Honor Society for German students Ms. Young & Ms. Robinson
Girls Bible Study To encourage and inspire young women to go into the world as sisters in Christ's Holy Name. Mrs. Schneider
Girls in STEM To encourage and support girls of Pope who are interested in STEM careers Mrs. Kokan
Girls Who Code A nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. The organization is working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. Dr. Zielinski
Greyhounds Aiding Ladies Supplies (GALS) GALS mission is to spread awareness of problems facing women in poverty and to collect and donate necessities. Mrs. Lindgren
Habitat for Humanity Nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities Ms. Holland, Mrs. Zonin, Mrs. Hill, Dr. Knight
Helping Hounds Helping animals in local shelters by raising funds, collecting needed items, and volunteering time at shelters. Mrs. Sims
HOPE (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) Increase leadership, education, standards, and community service among Pope High School students. Provide guidance, knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in high school and empower the community Ms. Vera-Tancredi, Dr. Macon & Ms. Woodson
HOSA (Future Healthcare Professionals) To develop leadership, service, and passion as a future healthcare professional Mr. Speed
Humanitarian Club Provides Pope students an opportunity to create opportunities to positively impact and connect with our community through selfless acts and the promotion of human welfare Mrs. Strydom
Improv Club Members practice their improvisational theater skills through fun, interactive games.  Auditions in Spring for the Variety Show and Improv Showcase Mrs. Jones
Interact Club Service club with a mission to help those in need both locally & internationally Mrs. Williams
Jewish Club (Jew Crew) Experience Jewish culture and discuss related topics Mrs. Cason
Key Club Student-led service program for high school students which promotes leadership through serving others Mr. Trentacoste
Kits for Kids Creating art kits through community donations for foster kids to ensure they are able to create art with the foster families and to encourage individual expression and creativity Mrs. Faglier & Dr. Bowen
Literary Magazine Opportunity for all Pope students to publish literary works, visual art, or photography Mrs. Greene
Marketing Club To learn about and experiment with marketing techniques that 21st century businesses use every day Ms. Ransom
Miracle Club To increase funds and awareness for our local children's hospital and other Children's Miracle Network hospitals Mr. Holman
Mock Trial To help students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our society Mrs. Bechtold
Model UN An authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, or other multilateral body, which introduces students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN. Mrs. Strydom
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) To create an interest in math and represent our school and community as members. To participate in school improvement as well as community improvement projects. Mr. Sever
Muslim Student Association Raise awareness about Muslims in our local area and connect with countries across the world, to promote community service and cultural awareness for Muslim issues in our country Mr. Widness
National English Honor Society National Honor Society for English Students Mr. Widness
National Honor Society Serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character Mrs. Giardina
Newspaper Journalism dedicated to Pope news, events, students, and staff Dr. Bowen
Octagon Club Develop as individuals while being involved in community service projects Mrs. Dahlberg
Organization of Students for Innovation An inventor's club with the vision to brainstorm ideas and develop them into reality Mr. Williams
Paws for a Cause (P4C) To help students in less fortunate schools increase their opportunities to be successful by providing school materials they may be lacking Ms. Fogle & Mrs. Faglier
Philosophy Club To inspire conversation and thought surrounding philosophical issue as well as to explore historical significance Mrs. Strydom
Pope Neuroscience Our purpose is to advance and strengthen the mental abilities of our members through fun but challenging brain games. Mr. Blythe
Pope Psychology Club To education students about psychology and share our throughts on the subject Ms. Fogle
Pope Recognizing Our Unique Differences (PROUD) To discuss issues facing minorities and to talk/understand our experiences Mrs. Strydom
Pope Teenage Republicans To provide an outlet for students to discuss political ideas and to network with other community groups. Activities planned include networking with the Cobb County Republican Party and their youth council; meetings with local politicians/leaders; community service activities; participation in local veteran service groups Mrs. Dahlberg
Rally Club Provide awareness and service for children fighting cancer and their families Mrs. Schneider
Red Cross Support local Red Cross events Mrs. Giardina
Robotics Engineering and building of robots for competition. Aligns with the STEM initiatives. Mr. Williams
Science National Honor Society Honor high science performance Mr. Smith
Science Olympiad National non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education Ms. Ransom
She's the First Service club with a mission to help girls attend school in countries where they are oppressed Mrs. Strydom
Social Studies National Honor Society (Rho Kappa) To promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community Mr. Trentacoste
Sources of Strength (Will to Live) Support Pope students and community through message of the Will to Live, Friendship and Hope Mrs. Sax & Mrs. Jankowski
Spanish Honor Society Policies of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Mrs. White, Ms. Ognibene & Ms. Munar
Student Government Association (SGA) Pope student school leadership Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Kitchens
Tabletop RPG Club To have a social club where students can grow in leadership, problem solving, social skills, and teamwork Dr. Wheeler
Team Works To promote comaraderie among members through team building exercises, group activities, and community service Mr. Holman
Tutoring Club Designed for students to help other students struggling in classes. Students work one-on-one or in small groups with designated peers at the time and place (on campus) of their choosing. Mrs. Zonin
Yoga Club Fitness, relaxation, and fun Mrs. White & Mrs. Fuston
Young Democrats To provide students with a safe space to share their political ideas Mrs. Beckerman