Fire Lane Notification

Reminder that the County is cracking down on fire lane violations

This letter is a reminder to ensure that the following instructions/requirements are again conveyed to parents, guests and staff to prevent being cited by the Office of the Fire Marshall or the Cobb County Police Department.

Per the Fire Marshall's Office, no one is allowed to park in a Fire Lane, whether there is a driver in the vehicle or not, at any time other than the following:

· 30 minutes prior to the end of the school day and 30 minutes after the end of the school day (this does not include the After School Program nor any other activity at the school)

· passengers actively loading or unloading during the day (this would cover students unloading in the morning at the beginning of the school day)

The focus of this memo is to reemphasize that the only time a vehicle would be allowed in a Fire Lane would be to actively drop-off and/or pick-up a student where there is no waiting. Other times, such as After School Program or after school activities would not be included.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Public Safety (678) 594-8620.