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Dr. Thomas Flugum, Principal

Kimberly Artigas, AP | Dr. James Bishop, AP | Terri Browne, AP | Dr. Denise Danielson, AP | Josh Mathews, AP/AD | Nancy Zarbnisky, AP

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

Welcome to Pope High School

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News and Announcements

Parent's Night Out Event

We will be hosting a Parent’s Night Out for K-5 students on December 14th from 5:30-9:30pm.  We are excited to have the kids come play games with our high schoolers, make crafts, watch movies, and have dinner and a snack with us.  All of the proceeds will benefit our Habitat for Humanity club which sponsors a house build in Cobb County each Spring. 

The link for registration is: http://www.bit.ly/popenightout

Thank you so much for your support!  We are looking forward to the event!


Course Extension

Students are eligible to participate in Course Extension if they earn a final course grade of 65% to 69% during Fall Semester, 2018-2019, in either a core class (English, math, science, or social studies) or Spanish II. This program allows students to complete work and assessments over subject matter determined by their teacher in order to achieve a 70% in the class - if students complete that work successfully.  Please find the application at this link, and be aware that the deadline for students to return contracts is January 3, 2019 by 3:00 PM in the Pope High School Counselling office.

Spring Senior Parking Information

All Spring senior parking information can be found here.  If you have any questions, please email Nancy Zarbnisky.

Fall Final Exam Schedule

Please see this document to see all information regarding final exams and the early release schedule.

Exam Exemptions - Students in good standing may exempt one non-EOC/AP/PLTW exam each semester. Students who receive discipline resulting in a consequence of ISS or OSS are not eligible to exempt an exam for that semester. 


  • One exam
  • Passing the class


  • Students may not exempt an EOC test.  Students may exempt the teacher generated final of an EOC course in the fall semester for a course that has the EOC test in the spring.
  • Students in a PLTW class (engineering) may not exempt a PLTW exam.  Students may exempt the teacher generated final of a PLTW course in the Fall semester for a course that has the PLTW exam in the Spring.
  • Students may not exempt an AP mid-term or final, fall or spring.
  • Students who receive ISS or OSS will not be eligible to exempt an exam.

2018 Important Dates

Showcase of the Arts (PAC) Dec 15
Final Exam Schedule Dec 18-21


Student of the Week

Congratulations to Reece Portwood!

Reece is a wonderful person. She is kind to others and is a role model and leader for all. Reece is a hard worker, dependable, and makes mature decisions.  We are proud to call you a Greyhound Reece! 




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