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Dr. Thomas Flugum, Principal

Kimberly Artigas, AP | Dr. James Bishop, AP | Dr. Denise Danielson, AP | Julie Huffman, AP | Josh Mathews, AP/AD | Nancy Zarbnisky, AP

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

3001 Hembree Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: 770-578-7900
FAX: 770-578-7902

Welcome to Pope High School

Inspiring students to achieve extraordinary success!

News and Announcements

Who's Who of Pope

Congratulations to all of our Who's Who recipients!  A special congratulations goes to Carlton Kell and Swati Murugappan, Mr and Miss Pope.  We are so proud of each of you and proud to call you Greyhounds!

Mary Alice Smith Grant Chernau Idan Shaked
Emma Hearn Olivia Brown Remy Wetzel
Jessica Emerson Andrew Myers Sophia Gould
Michael Stokes Ada Burris Ashley Comstock
Maggie Sides Ian Bugbee Parth Varshney
Adam Boehm Madalyn Corcoran Anna Wynne
Amal Chaudry Jake Atallah Sarah Kate Williams
Liza Pivnik Dayson Gyatt Nicholas McFadden
Tina Nguyen Kelly Gago  Risako Nonaka
Tia Whiteside Matthew Cooper  
Erland Mulaokar Mackenzie Pease  

Parent's Night Out - Drop off the kids!

Interact and Habitat for Humanity are teaming up to offer a Parent's Night Out (open to the public) on Friday, December 13th from 5:30-9:30pm.  The event is open to kids in grades K-5.  It is $20 for the first child and $10 for each additional child (cash/check made out to Pope) and will include games, crafts, movies, dinner and a snack.  We are limiting sign ups to the first 40 registrations.  Please contact melissa.zonin@cobbk12.org with any questions!  For more information or to register, please go to www.bit.ly/popenightout

Academies @ Pope Application Deadline Extended 

The deadline to apply to the Academies @ Pope has been extended to Decembers 15th, 2019.

Teacher recommendations are due by January 15th, 2020.  For more information about the Academies @ Pope, please visit our website.

To find out more about how our foundations support our academies, please visit their websites:

Pope Globalization Academy Foundation webpage

Pope STEM Academy Foundation webpage

Fall Final Exam Schedule

Buses will run at regular time (3:30) on Tuesday.

Buses will run at 11:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Students will not be permitted to check out of school during an exam period.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Regular school day with 7th period extended for the exam.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Students will be dismissed from school at 11:30 a.m. after the second exam of the day.   If a student has 6th period lunch, then he/she may leave at 9:50 after the first period exam.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Students will be dismissed from school at 11:30 a.m. after the second exam of the day.   If a student has 4th period lunch, he/she may leave at 9:50 after the second period exam. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

Students will be dismissed from school at 11:30 a.m. after the second exam of the day.  If a student has 5th period lunch, he/she may leave at 9:50 after the third period exam.

Student H: Drives to be Read Only

Students, starting January of 2020, your H: drive (which is where you save to your number) will be set to Read-Only. You will still have access to your H: drive until July 2020 but you will not be able to save data to it. You can save to OneDrive instead, so your files will be cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Zonin in the Learning Commons.

Pope High School - Space Mission

The STEM 9th and 10th grade math class has been working on a mission…literally.  They have just completed a week long, intensive process, in which we were asked to come up with three ideas that a sensor could measure – providing valuable data we, and others, could use in class this year (based in our year-long semester project).  What makes this so cool  is that this data will be collected ON the International Space Station.  The students will have their Quest CubeSat launching February 7, 2020 on the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser spaceplane, flown to the International Space Station where it will be for 4-6 weeks, and then will return to Earth on the SpaceX Dragon Capsule 20 Mission sometime in April 2020.  They are the only high school from Georgia, and one of two high schools in the country to be on this mission (the other is from Virginia).  We are so proud of these students on a once in a lifetime opportunity to have data collected from space!

Spring Parking - Seniors

Seniors: click here to start to process for requesting Spring 2020 Parking.

Free Tutoring

The Cobb County Public Library has partnered with TutorATL, which provides online tutoring assistance from 4-11pm. With our PASS partnership with the public library, that means that all Cobb County students can use this feature by logging in with their PASS account credentials.

More about TutorATL:

  • One-on-one, on-demand homework help for K-12 students
  • Additional review and test-prep materials available 24-7
  • Online tutors available daily, including bilingual Spanish tutors
  • Math help, essay writing assistance, SAT prep, and much more!

Become a School Bus Driver!

We are always seeking professional, safety minded individuals for school bus drivers.

  • Start at $17.50 per hour
  • Available paid training for school bus driving
  • Work approximately 6 hours per day with opportunities to earn extra pay
  • Split shift great for entrepreneurs, college students, parents and retirees
  • Eligible for Full Benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, Life & Cancer Insurance
  • Work same days as CCSD school calendar
  • Continued pay over the summer months
  • Camaraderie and independence in the workplace
  • Make a difference by being a part of a child's educational experience

If you connect well with children and are interested in applying for a bus driver position, please apply here.

Or view the current job postings here and then search "Transportation".

IMPORTANT: DO NOT APPLY unless you can pass a STRINGENT and THOROUGH background check. These include amotor vehicle/driving report, a criminal background check/fingerprint clearance, and a pre-employment physical, in addition to meeting other criteria.

For any questions regarding the employment process please visit the Employment website.

Check Out Policy

Early check out from school is discouraged. Students and parents should try to arrange medical and other appointments after school hours. A parent, guardian, or administrator must grant permission to check out in every case. Under non-emergency circumstances, the parent should send a note which MUST be turned in before 11:30 am.  Last minute appointments do happen; however, please call PPO before 11:30 am.  If your student needs to leave school after 11:30 am and they have not turned in a note that morning, you will need to come to PPO and check them out personally; however, we will not be able to accommodate any check out after 6th period without a previously submitted note. During the weeks of EOC and AP testing PPO will NOT take any phone calls. If a student is driving or walking, a parent must be contacted.   If the student leaves without confirmation of the early dismissal, it will be treated as a class cut (truancy) and disciplinary action will be taken.  Contact Pupil Personnel @ 770 578-7908 ext. 051.

LGE - Pope Partner in Education

PHS Master Calendar

2019 Important Dates

Mon/Fri Schedule (No X-Block) Nov 20
Who's Who Ceremony Nov 21
X-Block Schedule Nov 22
Thanksgiving Break (No School) Nov 25-29


Student of the Week

Congratulations to Abbrielle Rocco!

Abby is a junior this year and embodies the true characteristics of student athlete. She is a dedicated student and a great representative of Pope High School on the Pope Fastpitch Softball team. She is a great classmate with a positive attitude.  We are proud to call you a Greyhound Abby! 




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