The Matt Hobby Story

In 2014 Pope High School continues the fight against Childhood Cancer…because

Making Advances Towards The cure!

Matt Hobby

4Quarters4Research Game

benefiting Rally Foundation

Friday, October 10 @ 7:00pm

In honor of our own Pope defensive lineman, Matt Hobby


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Matt Hobby History

Matt Hobby was a Pope High School student. He loved football, especially Pope Football.  Matt was a lineman known for his passion and determination on and off the field.  Unfortunately, he would need this strong and courageous spirit to face the battle of his life, an aggressive form of childhood cancer, Ewing Sarcoma.  

Matt’s teammates encouraged him to “STANDTOUGH” while he endured many incredibly difficult forms of treatment. As the Pope High School community surrounded Matt and his family, we all became painfully aware that his and many other forms of childhood cancer are not well researched.  In fact, it had been many years since Matt’s form of cancer had been considered for meaningful research funding.

Contrary to common knowledge, the majority of cancer research funds focus on adult cancers: Colon, Breast and Lung. Children do not typically get these cancers. Childhood cancers are most often: Blood, Bone and Brain cancers. Consequently, the treatments available for children are not founded on research that focuses on the needs of children. The available treatments often cause extensive damage to a child’s lungs, heart and other vital organs. However, with new knowledge and technology there is great hope for discovering better treatments and even cures for many forms of childhood cancers.  Funding is all that is lacking!

Despite his courageous fight, Matt lost his battle with cancer just a few days after high school graduation, May 30, 2006.  During his last days, Matt told his parents “I have lived 17 years and been able to do a lot of great things, but the little kids with cancer need a chance to live. Tell them (his teammates and friends) to raise money for research.”

Pope mom, Dean Crowe, was already in the process of starting a childhood cancer research foundation when she first heard about Matt’s situation. So, Matt, his parents and the Pope High Football families partnered with Mrs. Crowe and the fundraising campaign known as 4Quarters4Research was launched here at Pope High school. During the four quarters of a home football game fans were asked to place “quarters” in the buckets as they were passed through the stadium. These funds were donated to help researchers find better treatments for childhood cancer.  Other schools heard about Pope’s 4Quarters 4Research and organized their own 4Q4R events. In the last 7 years, 300+ schools and organizations in 10 states have held their own 4Quarters4Research events funding hundreds of thousands of dollars in research.  It all began right here at Pope High School!   

After launching 4Quarters4Research, Rally Foundation was formed and added many new fundraising events. To date, Rally has funded over 3 million dollars in research supporting 50+ research projects around the country! Professional athletes like Braves player Brian McCann and Atlanta Falcons player Corey Peters as well as Senators, Governors and many others are taking note of Pope High School and the special group of parents and teammates that are a part of this incredible tradition of caring. Matt wanted to provide a legacy of hope and you, his teammates and friends, are at the forefront of that mission.  So, take the lead, educate your peers about childhood cancer and encourage everyone to donate on October 10th!

To honor Matt’s wishes Pope High School has contributed more than $130,000 in research dollars to support Rally Foundation in the last 7 years!  Let’s keep this tradition alive by offering hope to many who are still battling!  See you October 10th!