Summer Reading Assignments

These will be updated regularly, so please check back!

English Math Social Studies
9th College Prep (on-level) Acc AlgGeom Summer Review Problems.doc APUSH summer reading
9th Honors AC AlgGeom Summer Review Key.pdf  
Brit Lit College Prep (on-level) Acc Math 2 Summer Review Problems.doc
Brit Lit Honors AC Math 2 Summer Review Key.pdf
Synopsis and Assignment
Acc Math 3 Summer Review Problems.doc  
Eleventh Grade Honors American Literature AC Math 3 Summer Review Key.pdf  
AP Lang Am Lit - 2012    
AP Literature and Composition    
World Lit College Prep (on-level)    
World Lit Honors    
Multicultural Literature    
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Rising Seniors and Parents!
If you plan to apply to a college in the fall that
requires a counselor recommendation,
summer is a great time to work on the information we counselors will need to write your recommendation. 

College Recommendation self-assessment

Parent College Recommendation Worksheet