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Dress Code & School Supply List

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As required by the Cobb County School Board Policy students at Riverside Primary School are expected to dress in a manner that promotes a positive learning environment. Beginning in August, 2011 Riverside Primary students, in grades Kindergarten and First, were required to follow a school-wide uniform dress code in an effort to create an educational environment free from distractions, dangers, and disagreements that many times are the result when student choices are left without limits.

Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between student dress and student confidence, achievement, and behavior. With these new uniform dress requirements, students are better able to model appropriate dress that reflects a positive appearance, which will assist with the development of positive character and a sense of pride. Other benefits include maintaining an orderly and safe educational setting, increasing the focus on instruction and encouraging responsible dress for all students. Additionally, our feeder schools, Riverside Intermediate School, Lindley Sixth Grade Academy, Lindley Middle School, require the same uniformed dress and it has been successfully implemented.

The School Improvement Team met in August, 2010 to discuss the issue of implementing a school uniform dress for Riverside Primary School in 201l-2012 school year. The assistant principal met with members of the SSP Team and members of PTA on Monday, May 23, 2011 to discuss/share the research on school uniforms worn in schools. Also, the assistant principal spoke to and showed a large group of kindergarten parents a Power-Point presentation on the implementation and rationale for adopting the uniform dress on Thursday, May 19, 2011. To get feedback from the parent community, the SSP team agreed to send home a uniform survey. Therefore, a school wide survey was sent home in English and Spanish totaling 220. The responses from the two surveys were totaled and our parents were overwhelmingly in favor of the uniform dress. The school wide parent survey results were as follows: 108 parents in favor of school uniform dress, and 7 against school uniform dress. This represents a 94% agreement for the new dress policy by the parents. The assistant principal communicated the results of the survey during a faculty meeting and through In Touch. Parents were also notified of the results in person, by letters, and through the use of the school marquee. The assistant principal spoke to the faculty on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 to discuss the uniform dress policy. The staff was in 100% total agreement of the new school dress policy. Parents also had an opportunity to respond to the survey during report card pickup day on June 3, 2011. The assistant principal presented the results of the uniform survey to the Riverside PTA Executive Board/Council on June 13, 2011. The Executive Board was in agreement with the SSP Team.

In order to accommodate parents all dress items are similar to those required at Lindley Middle School, our feeder middle school and are readily available at area stores: K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Maxway, TJ Maxx, Burlington’s, and Kohl’s. These stores are aware of our uniform dress requirements so that they are available for purchase.

Clothing items should not include visible brand names, pictures, designs, or writing with the exception of Riverside spirit-wear. Students may wear items such as jewelry and other appropriate expressive accessories (pins, wristbands, ribbons, etc.), as long as these items are not a disruption to the educational environment. Any questions about the appropriateness of any item should be discussed in advance with a school administrator. If needed, students will be allowed to wear specific clothing for religious reasons, but parents should discuss this in advance with school administration so that there is not confusion for the student or staff. The uniform dress requirements will be reviewed and modified as necessary by the school administrative team throughout the year. Students may wear any Riverside Primary School shirt and jeans on Fridays. The jeans should fit the child with the waist of the jeans worn at the child’s natural waistline. Baggie jeans/pants and low cut tops will not be permitted.


  • Navy Blue or Khaki Pants/Walking Shorts (fitted at natural waist line)
  • Black or Brown belt (if pants have belt loops)
  • Plain Navy Blue, Yellow or White Shirts with a collar (polo style or oxford style; no sleeveless shirts)
  • Plain black, white or brown tennis shoes, loafers, or boots; (no sandals, open toe shoes, heelies, flip flops)
  • Plain white, black, brown, or navy blue socks
  • Solid colored navy blue or white sweaters or long-sleeve shirts with a collar (for winter)


  • Navy Blue or Khaki Pants/Walking Shorts, knee length skirts (knee length is below the child’s fingertips when standing with hands at their side)
  • Black or Brown belt (if pants have belt loops)
  • Plain White, Yellow or Navy Blue Blouse/Shirts with a collar (polo style, oxford style blouses; no low cut or sleeveless shirts or blouses)
  • Plain black, white or brown tennis shoes, loafers, or boots; (no sandals, open toe shoes, heelies, flip flops)
  • Plain white, black, brown, or navy blue socks
  • Navy Blue, Flesh Colored, Tan, Brown or White tights or leggings (for winter)
  • Solid colored navy blue or white sweaters or long-sleeve shirts with a collar (for winter)

The school administration is charged with the enforcement of the student uniformed dress code requirement. The administration is given wide latitude of discretion in determining proper and improper dress. The dress code will be enforced the third week of school in August. New students that enter Riverside Primary during the school year will have two weeks in order to obtain the required dress code items. If a family is in need of assistance in obtaining dress code items, please contact Riverside Primary. All students attending Riverside Primary are required to follow the uniformed dress code. Riverside Primary will maintain a limited supply of uniformed dress code items for students to borrow. However, students who consistently violate the uniformed dress code requirement will be subject to disciplinary action(s).

Violation Actions Taken
1st Warning: teacher sends note home
2nd Warning: teacher call parent with the assistance of our Parent Facilitator
3rd Parent contacted by an administration, change of clothing, parent/guardian and administrator conference
4th Parent contacted by an administration, change of clothing, parent/guardian and administrator conference: student removed from the classroom
Subsequent Violations To be determined by administration

Questions or concerns regarding the uniformed dress code should be directed to administration


Riverside Primary Supply List    

(1) Pack of #2 pencils (plain yellow) NO JUMBO

(2) 2 Packs of 24 ct. crayons

(5) Large Glue Sticks

(2) Boxes of Kleenex Tissues

(2) 6oz. or more bottles of hand sanitizer

(2) 6oz. or larger bottles of liquid hand soap

(1) Container of baby wipes

(1) Box of Ziploc bags- (Girls-snack/quart size) (Boys- sandwich/gallon size)

Note: This supply list is a general list. Each individual teacher may require additional supplies.